Twice is not nice? I beg to differ. I convinced my friends to try Smiling BKK based on my raving experience. This time, we visited a different branch. In Al Safa. I think Smiling BKK has a reputation of hidden locations. I am convinced of this. The location of this restaurant can be a little difficult to find as it is tucked away in an alley. It had a dinginess about it which I liked much to my friends dismay of course.


This branch in Al Wasl  is the original Smiling BKK branch opened in Dubai. Its way smaller than the Gharhoud branch but the décor style and feel is the same. Black walls and matching black painted wooden tables and chairs with bright ornaments and paintings post cards and framed pictures hanging on the wall and the prettiest colorful flowery lights dropping from the ceiling. This décor is enough to bring out ones  inner artiste. I prefer the decor in this place to be honest.



I had the orange juice to drink, freshly squeezed and refreshingly healthy.


The lime juice my friend had tasted like a cordial, I doubt that fresh lemons were used. 21

We ordered the “Let the Sunshine In”-beef strips in oyster sauce. Absolutely delicious soft and tasty flavors. We also had spring rolls which were good but a tad oily.


To eat I had the Green Thai Curry aka the Day Tripping Buddha (how they come up with these names beats me but I sure do find them fascinating!)


The green curry was delicious, spicy and creamy ,I loved the strong hints of coconut milk in the curry. What a lovely combination on the palate. My friend had the “Babe in the City”.. a sure winner in my books. She enjoyed her meal thoroughly.


My other friend had the Red curry which she found quite spicy but I rather enjoyed the spiciness and rich coconut infused curry. 23In terms of service, they were on the slow side, which I didn’t understand as the restaurant was reasonably empty. Be sure to pay them a visit. I am stand by my guns… I prefer the other branch.