Have you ever felt like your life pales in comparison with Jane next door. The operative words being “in comparison”. I read somewhere that, “Nothing kills joy faster than comparison”. These words are not only true but profound too. If you think about it, when you compare your life to others, you ignore and neglect the good in yours.But alas there is a cure! When we are grateful for all our blessings, we don’t even have the time to compare  our journey with other people’s journey’s.


There is power in gratitude. It can change your life. I keep a gratitude journal, it helps keeping daily track of things I am grateful for. Its amazing how dull routine ordinary days can turn beautiful when you start becoming grateful.

Better-to-lose-count-while-naming-your-blessings-than-to-lose-your-blessings-to-counting-your-troubles-Quote-of-The-dayGratefulness brings joy. It helps you celebrate the present, keeps you positive, makes you never take anything or anyone for granted, keeps you stressed less and changes how you see the world and people.


You might not want to be grateful for anything when you’re having a crap day and the chips are down.  Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on whats going wrong. Look at whats going right and be grateful for that. Its not easy, but try! The Bible says Give Thanks in all circumstances..all..this includes the bad days too.


Let God know you are grateful, let people who have made a difference in our lives let people know you are thankful for them.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.If you take anything from what I’ve written let it be this, a grateful heart makes room for more blessings. Your life is beautiful and its up to you to find that beauty.



Peace Love Happiness my beautiful friends