The scale happens to be my least favorite object at this point in time. I have picked up more than desirable number of kilos that piled on, restaurant after restaurant. It doesn’t help that I completely got lazy and stopped working out. The busyness of work also adding fuel to the fire but I got to a crossroad, where I either buy a new wardrobe (yes its that bad) or I do something drastic to loose this unwanted flabber haha!!

Not to mention I got ill a few weeks back and its definitely due to my eating habits, I really go all out when I eat and this is an effort to really nurse myself to health!  I need a little moderation and sense into what I put into my mouth. The days of praying that the calories dont stick is over lol. (True story I used to pray to God to make calories disappear from chocolate and cake) so crazy but true! Chocolate is my Achilles heel 🙁 but I will get over it!no-chocolate

So today my sisters and I decided to embark on a 21 day carb free, low fat challenge! So for the next 21 days I will not be eating out, not even once, I will sadly decline all these restaurant invites with a heavy heart. I will eat CLEAN and hopefully this becomes a lifestyle thing for me.



I will also work out at least 3 times a week! 123013-lifestyle-woman-exercise-exercising-fitness-working-out-running-healthi hereby pledge to be good to my body. I  will document my progress as I go…stay tuned for my progress 🙂

With Love

A very chubby Miss Wanderlust!