Hello and thank you for dropping in on my website. My site covers all things travel, food and lifestyle.

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting the opportunities to partner with brands that I love and believe in. One of my philosophies is that I only promote and support brands that I personally would use and recommend, with that said, as a matter of principle, I do not accept payment for guaranteed positive reviews.

I currently use the following social platforms to promote my brand and features on my blog:

Instagram, my website- which I have recently revamped. I also just started my Youtube channel.

Content creation is one of my favorite things and working with brands I like makes the creative process so much easier and beneficial for both myself and brands I partner with. I love interacting with my partners very much and keeping clear lines of communication and expectation open at all times.  I have a few rules that I abide by and wish you to be aware of as a potential brand partner.

  1. I offer impartial reasonable reviews based on my experiences and will continue to inform brand partners of any issues I may have.
  2. I have overall responsibility and control for all content I develop.
  3. I use a disclaimer, whether the post was sponsored or not.
  4. Depending on the product, I usually give a 3-4 day turn around time for delivery of my work. I do appreciate it if I am told in advance, whether a post is time sensitive.

I fully welcome  collaborations related to hotels, travel and cuisine, so if you would like your brand  placed on my site, Instagram or YouTube channel please get in touch with me on or


I have with many brands and PR companies, including Festival City, CenterPoint, Mall of the Emirates, Rotana Hotels, Kempinski Hotel, Laerton Hotels (Georgia), Caster Bridge (South Africa), Tourism Board of Pattaya and Cebu, Sawbonablog, numerous restaurants, including Zomato sponsored events, Moustag.

The numbers

My blog is upcoming and offers the following statistics:


  • 2,760 views monthly
  • 940 unique visitors

Top 3 Countries

  • UAE – 1,214
  • UK-  890
  • SA – 652


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  • Tripadvisor
  • Readership 25,000


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