I can’t for the life of me believe we are in the first week of April 2018 already. To say that time has flown would be an understatement. Life really gets busy and the next thing you know you haven’t blogged in ages. Yes its all my fault and I am not going to blame anything or anyone for my lack of commitment. I have fallen to the prey of idleness. I would usually be very hard on myself but I am going to give myself a bit of grace and accept that I am human.

Travelling has been slow this year also because of my hectic schedule these days but I cant wait for our trip to beautiful Sri Lanka. To be honest I am looking forward to eat more than anything. Check some pictures out from my last Sri Lanka trip and  tell me you are not drooling right now. Counting down a month for my foodie trip.



Cheers everyone and I trust you are well and in good happy spirits and that light leads you always.