Kindness is a universal language that can be understood by almost everyone and the best part is it usually doesn’t have to cost anything. One of the things I am grateful for is having a mother who taught me the value of kindness from a very young age. She instilled in me that kind acts, no matter how small can make a difference and change someones entire day. I have found, that this not only is true, but is a powerful way to express Gods love in the world. I have heard many people say that kindness can be taken for weakness but I dare to differ. Kindness is a form of a beautiful strength.
I am sure we’ve all heard the quote “Everyone is fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about so be kind” and I have found it so true. When I was in University, I was once walking down a busy street and saw a woman sitting on a bench and she had the saddest eyes I had ever seen, something nudged me to go and talk to her and I let go of my fear and reached out. I greeted her and asked her if she was okay, she looked up and said she wasn’t, that she began to tell me what was on her mind. At the end of our conversation, her eyes  watery, she gave me a hug and thanked me for being caring and blessing to her that morning, that just having someone to talk to lightened her burden. I thought to myself, i didn’t do much but that encounter taught me that every small act really does make a difference.  Looking back I am also grateful for all the times I was feeling low or sad and someone said or did something that changed my day and I realized that we often shy away from showing kindness because we underestimate its power.
Just the other day I had my bank card which I had just used in another shop gave me problems at the till after buying a few things at the grocery store, you cant imagine how embarrassing that was and given that I had left my wallet and phone in the car I was stuck, I told the cashier I’d be back and wanted to go to the ATM to withdraw cash and then out of nowhere the man behind me offered to pay my groceries, imagine that, in the swirl of all the embarrassment and confusion about my card a random stranger offers to foot my bill, this has never happened to me. Instinctively  I was hesitant to accept his gracious act and nudging from within  just encouraged me to accept it. This was one of the kindest things a stranger has done for me and I told him how rare people like him were and he said to me, “Just as I have done for you, do for someone else” That warmed my heart and reminded me despite how crazy the world is, there are alot kind people out there and encouraged me all the more to always pay kindness forward.
I know life gets busy, it gets hard sometimes and its hard to keep yourself together and looking to perform acts of kindness may be the last thing on your mind but once in a while remember its not all that difficult, it just takes a little teeny weeeny bit of effort and could be as simple as smiling to a stranger, a phone call to a friend that has been on your mind, buying a homeless person lunch, paying for someones groceries, affirming or appreciating someone, writing a kind note, greeting a stranger, buying someone a gift randomly, giving away old clothes, sending an encouraging message and just simply being human and loving people, the list is endless…In a world full of drama and negativity, lets try be the rainbow in someones cloud. No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.
Sprinkle kindness everywhere
Love light and blessings
Have a beautiful day