Wanderlust is defined as a strong irresistible, impulsive desire to travel or longing to wander. I know a lot of people who, like me are chronic wanderlusters.  This segment features a Q&A with wanderlusters from all around the world who have explored this beautiful earth and have very interesting and valuable insights to share with us. Hoping you will be inspired to just let go and wander…Meet global citizen..Roza Kapay


Johannesburg, South Africa

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what you do?

I’m a South African with central African roots, born in Comores, Congolese family but raised in South Africa. So being an international child, I guess I was always going to eventually get bitten by the Travel bug. I work in Banking and financial services which has obviously opened doors for me locally and abroad.

What three things do you enjoy most about travelling?

The adventure of it all. Learning new cultures, exploring new shores and meeting different people.

Favorite destination and why?

I don’t really have a favorite but I loved Croatia where we spent 5 days at a musical festival. I also enjoyed Amsterdam with a large group of friends, Oktoberfest in Munich and Rio De Jainero Brazil.

Full body

Athens, Greece

Most memorable/ funniest travel memory?

I have too many, usually because of the people you with. For me memories aren’t really the places but the people you travel with. London would be my greatest as I lived there for 4 years. However the girls weekend away to Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival in 2012 is one I will never forget and of course all the fun and laughter at Oktoberfest in Munich.

What valuable travel tips can you share?

For me, the negative aspects of travel can make or break a holiday. The biggest thing would be wasting money because you missed a plane or lost a document or losing luggage or valuables as those cause a lot of admin. I have started a page called “African Girls Travel” where I share some tips from hair, to men, to luggage. Go and like the page and read the tips 🙂

Precautions while travelling

There’s a few of them, I guess the biggest ones are around your safety. This could be health precautions by ensuring you get the appropriate vaccinations or general safety i.e. places to avoid etc. and as a woman you should be weary of your surroundings. People can see you’re not from there, so prepare to be conned, lured, hit on etc. Don’t be super afraid that you can’t enjoy your holiday, just be cautious and use some common sense.


Venice, Italy

How would you convince someone to start travelling?

By looking through our travel page (jokes!). Most people (especially Africans) avoid travelling due to: costs, admin, lack of interest, not adventurous and spending money on more “concrete” experiences.

The best way is to travel yourself and let people see for themselves that it’s possible. It’s also a change of culture: plan in advance, create itineraries in advance, think about your experiences or sacrifice a few material things in your life.  It will take a while before many of our people decide to get up, but I think it’s changing slowly. It’s all about exposure; if one does it, another one thinks they too can do it. Seeing becomes thinking and thinking becomes action.

Where’s your next destination?

I will likely travel around Africa for work, but not confirmed. In terms of leisure hopefully Uganda by year end, lots of local places‎ in South Africa and next year I hope to finally go to the UAE and at least 3 Asian countries.

Favorite dish so far on your travels?

There’s too many: sea food in Sardinia Italy, pasta in Bologna Italy, Sunday roast in the UK, savory pancakes in Prague and all the fine dining in London.

What quote sums up your life and motivates you?

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take” 


Budapest, Hungary

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Thank you Rosa for taking time to inspire us!