Authentic Ethiopian cuisine at Yeshi Kava

Ethiopian cuisine has really made its mark internationally but also in Dubai, with numerous restaurants popping up by the dozen in and around the city. I have been to the popular Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant in Karama, however I noticed Yeshi Kava just down the road from Zagol, we decided to give it a try and what a wonderful discovery that was.

Yeshi Kava is small, homely yet very charming. There is minimal seating downstairs and were shown to more seating upstairs. Our order was injera (as you may already know, this is the traditional base made of sourdough, it has a spongy texture, much similar to the Indian Dosa, but tangier).

With injera, its always prudent to choose your accompaniments well. So let me school you on what I enjoy the most and what I find finger licking good in Ethiopian cuisine:)

Shiro the cheakpea powder lentil dish cooked in traditional Ethiopian Berbere spice (chilli powder but very distinct mixed with other spices native to Ethiopia). Shiro brings back childhood memories, growing up, my mom used to cook shiro all the time and it was actually one of my favorite dishes. I always enjoyed its smooth thick texture.

We also had the Atkilt wot, a delicious vegetable combo of cabbage, carrots, and potatoes simmered in a light sauce.

Doro wat, which is an Ethiopian stew made with their famous berbere spice with boiled egg and chicken. Its so delicious. We also had the beef tibs which is chopped beef cooked with green peppers, onions and sauteed in the berbere spices. Its so delicious, another one of my favorites growing up.


Usually Ethiopian Restaurants have set combos, which can either be vegetarian or mixed. You may want to ask what accompaniments come with the injera before ordering so you don’t end up with something you don’t like. For instance, I get grossed out by kitfo, which is very popular by the way and quite a delicacy, its basically raw minced beef marinated in ethiopian herbs and spices and butter.


It looks like this. Similar to beef Tartare

We were served traditional Ethiopian bread while we waited for the food. It was fresh and light. The perfect bread to dip in black tea. I loved it but I think I overindulged, it filled me up more than I expected.Bread

The beautyabout Ethiopian food is eating with your hands. Call me crazy but for me, there is something primal, beautiful and very authentic about eating with ones fingers.

My overall verdict is that I absolutely loved this place. The food was scrumptious with all the flavors dancing beautifully on my taste buds. I also loved the warmth of the ladies here. The prices are super reasonable and food absolute quality. This could possibly be my new favorite Ethiopian place. Well worth every penny. *Amasekinalo 🙂

*Thank you in Amharic

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