Voyager Beach Resort Review

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If there was ever a place that had both an air of excitement while inducing a sense tranquility at the same time, it would have to be Mombasa, a hidden gem of a city situated on the coast of Kenya. I hope those that have been share my sentiments. This visit was my fourth and this time I stayed at the incredibly charming Voyager Resort located on Nyali Road.

I love anything out of the box and this hotel stood out because of its unique theme modeled on a cruise ship. Trumpets greet you as you enter the gates and they have a gangway that leads up to reception.

The Gangway upon entry

The staff clad in white and the bright decor really do well to create the perfect beachy ambiance.

We were welcomed very warmly by a hostess who gave a brief orientation of the hotel hat they have a country that they dock at each day , which determines the theme of the night, which will utimately determine the themed buffet and entertainment. How interesting is that? If I recall we were docked in Venice that day so we had an Italian buffet.

Now I am a very simple girl, me in my flip flops ,shorts , a book and the beach a stones throw away are enough to make me more than happy. The great thing about the resort is that it is situated a few meters from the pristine white sands of Nyali Beach. Gigantic palm trees and beautiful lush greenery surround the thatched topped resort.  






Our room was spacious, neat and mimicked a cabin in a ship, it was really simple and adequate.


The room lead to a balcony with a lovely view of the garden, but if you just leaned a little to the edge, you could see the ocean. Darn I wish I chad the ocean view suite. Lesson learned for my next trip, and yes of course there will be a next trip.

My favourite pool on the property

The property has three pools and green picnic worthy lawns .

There are a number of bars also and we settled at one offering spectacular views of the ocean, it was simply breathtaking. They also have a spa if you’re in need of even more relaxation. I wish I took more pictures but my phone was acting so up so yeah.

Cheers to great views good friends and great conversations


The breakfast was simply divine and they literally had everything to cater to my whims, from croissants to doughnuts to bacon and eggs and pancakes, truly a vast array of continental and traditional cuisine that made for a true breakfast for champions.

Round 2 of my eating like a champion…i lost count of all the plates I had haha


Al fresco dining area

The Service

So Kenyan people are genuinely welcoming and very friendly and it goes without saying that the service was superb, I found the entire staff very efficient, knowledgeable and always had a smile on their face.


Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for complete relaxation and a place to just beach around, this is it. The best thing is you don’t even have to leave the resort. For a three starred hotel, this place exceeds expectation and is reasonably priced and give it a huge thumbs up. Asante Sana

Have you traveled to Mombasa before? What has been your experience?

Cheers once again 🙂

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