My happy place Mombssa

I was fortunate to head down to Kenya to over the weekend to witness my gorgeous friend Sheila get married. It was truly a joyous celebration filled with lots of fun and plenty dancing. We had a day and a half free after the wedding so I decided to use that time very wisely.

I figured let me show Lomli the one place that makes me utterly at peace and gives me unending joy…Mombassa! It’s a 45 minute flight from Nairobi international and costs hardly 80-100 dollars.

I have a really good friend called Donkey  that lives here who is always  more than happy to chaperone us around. I have been to Mombassa a few times and it feels like home to , but for Lomli it was an entirely new experience that he absolutely loved.

There’s a magic in the air in mombassa…It’s tranquil, chilled and filled with a hakuna matata spirit that zens you out completely.

It’s one of those things that’s hard to express but easy to feel. I mean come on does nt it look like paradise?

 We stayed at the Voyager Beach Resort…absolutely breathtaking place. The pictures on not do this place any justice…It’s located on Nyali beach and offers great views entertainment and dining. We were here one night but made sure to take advantage of every single moment. Check out their website here and see my review on the Resort here.Review

We ate at my favourite place called Masai just down the road from Voyager. It has the best grilled meat, ugali and spinach… this place always delivers delicious food each time…You have to try it if you ever go..It never disappoints.

Here are a few pictures from Voyager to show you how pretty this place is:

While you are in mombassa head down to Yuls restaurant which offers great beach views for sundowners, aqua sports and offers the best burger in the history of ever.Visit their website here

Sunrises are the best in mmombassa when the world is asleep and the sun begins to kiss the earth..It’s breathtaking.

For more.on mombassa.check out my other blog post here..Paradise found in Magical Mombassa

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