Its the simple things

Life in the city happens so fast and whether you like it or not, you are bound to get  caught up in the hustle and bustle, the rat race, making sure you dont suffer from the dreaded case of  FOMO. It doesn’t take too long for this fast pace lifestyle to make you forget the simple things. A few weeks ago, (yes this is a super late post) I did something spontaneous, well in my book waking up at 6 am on a weekend is spontaneous lol-I dragged my hubby out of bed and decided it was the perfect time to see the Dubai Creek in all its morning glory, before it got embroiled in all its busyness.

And so we ventured out, on a very warm bright sunny Saturday, scrambled to find miraculous parking in Bur Duabi (you know how lucky you are when you get a parking spot) and we started our little adventure.

What I love about old Dubai is the history it holds, so many stories telling of the humble beginnings of this great city. I found out that members of the Bani Yas tribe settled in the Bur Dubai creek area (The creek separates Deira and Bur Dubai)  and that the creek was a minor port for dhows from all over Africa and India and many other nations. Can you imagine that? How cool is that, hard to imagine huh? Its pretty hard to when the images of Dubai you have are those of  splendor and majestic high rise towers, big this and big that. Yep…this place was once a harbor, thriving in the  fishing and pearl industries. Talk about humble beginnings.

As we walked along the quiet promenade, the souq slowly awakening, we caught glimpses of dhow drivers, preparing their dhows to ferry people to the other side of the creek or down the creek for nostalgic and scenic ride.  We asked the Abra driver how much it would cost to for a ride down the creek and he said he usually charges 60AED p/p but because were his first customers, he will give us a nice discount…we  paid 30AED for a 45 minute cruise down the cruise and back. Truly the early bird does catch the worm or rather the discounted abra ride.


The abra was a basic one, with minimal shading to protect us from the sun that was gaining momentum. The shading coupled with the  crisp morning breeze gave us some relief from the suns unrelenting rays.



It was special for me to see Dubai in its quiet beauty before it woke up to cacophonies of traffic horns and coaxing merchants selling their wares.

I took it all in and appreciated each untouched unrenovated buildings and I smiled at the contrast that the sky towering Burj Khalifa offered in the near distance. There was something beautiful about the morning and the beauty of the creek that made my heart smile. I cherish   humble beginnings because one really gets to appreciate where they are once they remember where they’ve been.




Its now slap bam in the middle of summer so you want to make sure you are there by 6:30 am to 7am and if youre lucky you might get a super discount.


Till next time…keep gallavanting and keep shining and remember to keep it simple sometimes 🙂



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