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Off I went to check out Prax’s on a lazy Saturday afternoon in Barsha Heights. Situated in the Rise Tower, its pretty easy to find. The restaurant is easy to find not only because of its location but the lovely bright colors splashed across the backdrop of the walls. The restaurant, although open is quite cosy with comfortable chairs and booth seating.

We met the Manager, Mr Andre, who gave us an overview of the restaurant concept. He explained that Prax is a fusion of Asian cuisine and is not strictly Chinese or Thai…in a sense it really is out of the box flavours, borrowing from various pun intended!

The ordering concept is so easy that even  my five year old neice could master it. You get a slip in which you basically tick off what you want your dish to comprise of…super duper easy and if you are still lazy to do that, they offer set menu dishes. It works as follows.

1. Choose your base, noodles rice or veggies

2. Choose your protein, tofu chicken beef or prawn, then

3. Choose your sauce. and then your toppings..see easy peasy!!


So off we went and I ordered a masterpiece of a dish, I had the noodles, beef,with black pepper sauce and eggplant, peppers, broccoli and cashews. I tell you hands down one of the best “Asian” dishes I have had.

img_9910Plus its almost as if I cooked it myself, well kinda! Loved it. My fried ordered the noodles with prawns and kimchi and some veggies. It was good but not as good as mine lol.img_9915

Before I forget, we also got the following starters:

Peking duck spring rolls which were juicy and so tasty! Duck can get a little dry but this was perfect! Loved itimg_9903

We also had the Chicken Siu Mai Dimsum. Delicious and oozing flavour. The prawn dimsum was  simply great! One issue I found was that the dimsum were quite tiny! With  starters that good, they should be a little chunkier.

Onto the sweet things in life -We had the coconut ginger ad date and caramel desserts! By far the date and caramel blew not only my mind but my tastebuds too, the ginger coconut I wasn’t entirely crazy about!img_9922


Overall I think this place is fantastic value for money, great quality ingredients, great staff coupled with an amazing Manager- all of this makes  a happy eating experience! We thoroughly enjoyed it!! Yes I will definitely be ordering from them again..muchly recommended!





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