Restaurant etiquette – be nice to your waiters!

Trying out new restaurants is something I do quite frequently as a foodie and it brings me absolute joy, especially when the entire experience culminates into a wonderful one, food, atmosphere, and service-all of it. However nothing ruins a dining experience like being in the midst of people who are rude to waiters. There’s an unwritten rule, that the way you treat restaurant staff reveals your true character. Could it be true, well it all depends, you could be rude because the waiter is being impolite but being rude on any other occasion, is unacceptable and makes my blood boil.

Waiters are people too, they have names, they have families they work long hours and are expected to have a smile for the entire duration of their shift, running around taking orders, making sure everyone is happy and customers leave satisfied. The least you could do is be nice and make them feel like they too matter. Here’s  a list of the little that things have made most of my dining experience pleasant.

  1. Remember their names, look for their name badges and address them using their names throughout. The sweetest sound in the world is hearing ones name. In an industry where people see you as just the help and invisible, this can make a huge difference in someone’s day.
  2. Say please and thank you. Just because they are serving you doesn’t mean you can just command them to your whim. Trust me, they will respond to you better and will be more willing to serve you if you treat them with common courtesy. People need to stop being so entitled and snobby. It’s so basic yet so many people fail at this.
  3. Don’t snap your fingers or whistle at them, they are not dogs, be polite, put your hand up or ask a nearby staff to call them, it’s great if you remembered their name, it will save you the hassle of trying to describe them.
  4. Don’t be impatient and irritable, waiters usually double check to make sure they get orders right so if they do that don’t roll your eyes or make snide comments. Remember it gets docked off their pay if they get the wrong order.
  5. Leave a decent tip if you can and if you think the food was worth it and the service was great. It’s not rocket science that they don’t get paid much so be a little generous, it goes a long way. Some restaurants let their waiters keep their tips so be sure to be a little generous.


I get that there are some waiters that are grumpy and nonchalant, which I certainly don’t condone.  Dealing with people is part of your job so do it right please. Yes, waiters are people too and have bad days, which are made worse by inconsiderate and demanding customers. However being unprofessional or disinterested is a no no. I can’t imagine myself giving my boss sass at work. I’d get a mouthful, this case is no different. I am not shy when it comes to telling waiters to get their act together and you should after all, you are paying for the experience and you deserve good service.

Back to my point it all boils down to, common courtesy and respect for human beings. The way you treat people speaks volumes of you! The restaurant world is tough, being kind, not only to waiters but just generally everyone you meet is kind of basic. Treat people with respect, whoever they are, wherever you go, it will return to you. Kindness is the currency that everyone understands. If you are guilty of the above, its ok, we are humans and make mistakes too but try changing and see how your dining experiences change and how people will actually want to go the extra mile for you. Ok rant over- Happy Dining J



  1. July 12, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Sometimes it’s strange to do fancy, proper things when you are a “real” person. I went to a fancy french restaurant, (you know, the kinds with “courses lol) for my girlfriends birthday and we had to put on this weird show for our waiter. “Mwah, ah, yes, the Gratin dauphinois is exquisite! Merci!” Now go away, we were taking about blow jobs and smearing our faces with hemorrhoid cream

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