Sri Lanka’s spicy magic

Sri Lanka has taken a significantly large part of my heart and tummy. Sri Lankan food offers a wide variety of poignant spicy, salty and sweet dishes that will expose your taste buds to new tasty combinations that will leave you delightfully seasoned.

My trip is over but those tastes will forever linger in my mind. Sri Lankan food is characterized by The  boiled or steamed rice, served with a side of curry of meat in the form of chicken fish beef or mutton or vegetables. Pickled chutneys are a common and great accompaniment to a lot of their dishes. Here’s a overview of some of the dishes I particularly enjoyed.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day *smirk* its my favorite dish too. Sri Lankans love their rice so having rice at breakfast comes as no surprise. The Milk rice is delicious. IMG_0549 Breakfast offers plenty hearty combinations. The egg hopper is also a must try, its made of fermented rice flour, coconut and egg. Its a light and crispy and delicious.IMG_0648

The onion pickle was one of my favourite dishes that I kept having over and over again.


Lunch is guess what? You guessed it, Rice.

Seafood is also a huge part of the island food I had such a treat. If you’re looking for fresh juicy seafood this is it.IMG_0624

You have to try the curd and honey. The most delicious buffalo curd and honey is a reflection of true authentic srilankan cuisine and I loved it.

Wattapalan is a must try too…oh and this amazing carot cake I had at Helvian Tea Club was amazing.

And what is Sri Lanka without coconut as a refreshing drink? I was on a coconut binge the whole trip, what a refreshing way to give you that revitalizing boost when you’re on a lazy  holiday.thumb_IMG_2481_1024



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