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My love for good food and books lead me to try Bookmunch café. I had actually bookmarked this place for a while and went to the Business Bay branch.IMG_4919 Upon entering, you gaze upon neatly stacked bookshelves dividing the floor and lively green and pink printed chairs seemingly very inviting.

They did a great job with the décor, it creates a harmonious relaxed atmosphere that makes you want to curl up with a book for hours.

They have a table in the center with baked goodies to tempt you. They also have a counter displaying some more delicious pastries and sandwiches.IMG_4926

Their menu is pretty comprehensive with many options on offer. I love the novelty of having breakfast in the evening excites me tremendously so naturally, we opted for the All Day breakfast which includes sausages, two eggs, baked beans and hash brown and a cup of tea or coffee for 60AED. I thought it was a pretty good deal and was looking forward to the meal. The coffee was delicious.IMG_4942

However, although our meals were ordered at the same time, my friends breakfast came first with mine debuting a good 15 minutes or so after which I found bizarre. I wasn’t impressed, it would have been understandable had the restaurant been busy, however it wasn’t so I didn’t understand the delay. The waiter just said he ordered the meal after mine.

IMG_4951That aside, the food was really bland, I was sourly disappointed. The sausage was dry and tasteless, it looked like a juicy tasty sausage but alas looks can be deceiving and they were in this case. The hash brown was a little charred and had a bitter aftertaste and the consistency of the potatoes was strange. The eggs were the saving grace. The bread was fresh so I had mostly the bread and jam.

We ordered sticky toffee pudding which was a real delicious dessert, soft fresh and just the perfect balance of sweetness. I loved it.IMG_4955

The presentation of the food was great and waiter really helpful, however the time delay and the letdown of the breakfast left me a little disappointed. The ambiance is wonderful and I would go again only for the coffee and dessert.
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