Festival City gets even better

The newly revamped Dubai Festival City Mall is not only bigger but so much better. IMG_2680Situated on the historic Dubai Creek, this mall boasts prime location. IMG_2750I have always enjoyed shopping here because the shops generally have more variety and stock than many of the other malls. I was however very surprised to notice the extension of the mall which extends to the Creekside, where you can catch a dhow with beautiful sights and adorable sunsets.  IMG_2762

If you didn’t know, Festival city’s massive revamp has brought more exciting retail and dining offerings which is bound to get all shopping enthusiasts and foodies beyond thrilled. The lack of variety in dining options was one of the things that I thought worked against the mall-well to my delight not anymore. Some of my favorite restaurants have recently opened up here. Texas Roadhouse, Serendipity 3, PF Changs and Magnolia bakery and many more to come catering for all palates and taste buds.COVA0634 From what I can tell on social media and my foodie friends, there is a huge buzz around Festival City.

I had the pleasure of dining at one of the newly opened Restaurants called C House, which is an Italian coffeehouse serving delicious mouthwatering meals and desserts.  Situated on the first floor, its boasts lovely creek views during the day, unfortunately for us we went in the night time.

I loved the elegant yet simple décor of the restaurant characterized by comfortable brown and orange chairs and lamps. The décor creates a very relaxed intimate atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

In fact we stayed for almost 3 hours. If that doesn’t keep you there, the tantalizing eye catching desserts definitely will.


We ordered refreshing Kiwi Apple Angel smoothie goodness that I couldn’t get enough of.

The chocolate milkshake was so rich and delectable. IMG_2722To eat we had the smoked salmon panini with a perfectly blended honey mustard sauce, capers and chives. I enjoyed the combination of all the flavors, it could have been less dry. IMG_2728 The grilled steak wrap with cheese mushrooms and barbeque sauce was oozing flavor and yum.IMG_2761

The pepper steak salad was also delicious.IMG_2725

The presentation was nothing short of perfect, the service at the restaurant was impeccable and attentive without being intrusive. No meal is complete without dessert and to end off our wonderful evening on a sweet note, we had the freshest moistest tastiest red velvet cake on the entire planet. I loved the texture and how light the cake was. Simply extravagant!IMG_2740

I went back the following day for a lovely dinner with my friends at Texas Roadhouse. If you haven’t been to the new bigger and better Dubai Festival City, well…what are you waiting for…a delightful experience awaits! Enjoy and happy shopping J The folks at Dubai Festival City were really kind and generous in inviting me to try the new Mall offerings which I simply loved! Thank you Dubai Festival City for your generosity! I will definitely be back! Visit them hereIMG_2762


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