Tblisi I’m coming for ya

I am literally running amuck trying to get sorted for my trip tonight. No surprises there, I am master of procrastination. Gosh thinking of my to-do list is already giving me a headache lol. Ok that’s not what I am writing about today.

I am travelling to a small and relatively uncommercial-ized country called Georgia, located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. I am really going because I have heard amazing things about the beautiful scenery, mountains, flora and fauna, its rich history, wine and most importantly the food. I mean just imagine this place its insanely beautiful! adventure-in-georgia-1

My friend Heba has given me a wealth of information from her handwritten itinerary which will help me get an idea of where to start. I usually am organized when it comes to planning trips but I guess I got a little sloppy lol. Thank you Hebz for all your help J  Heba made it very clear that I cannot leave Georgia without trying the following dishes:

Churchkhela- almonds and hazelnuts hand-dipped in grape juice. This is more of a snack.

Khachapuri, an umbrella genre of cheese-filled breads that are sold hot at hole-in-the-wall bakeries around the country. These are usually topped with raw egg. Yikes

Khinkali, or Georgian soup dumpling, with delicious filling.

With that said I do not intend to leave Georgia without thoroughly indulging and immersing myself in all the culture food and nature. I will be blogging soon about my adventure!

Oh I got these super cute passport holders just in time for my trip. Aren’t they the cutest? Here’s to travelling cute JIMG_2902

Keep shining and Smiling my lovelies!



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