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Moshi newly opened and is located in the Lamcy Plaza area and relatively easy to find. IMG_2904We arrived and were warmly greeted by the Manger Imran and shown to a lovely table where we had a view of the staff merrily crafting the wonderful creations we were about to devour.

I found the minimalist decor characterized by wooden benches, wall plates, bamboo stalks and gorgeous lighting really created a comfortable and serene environment. The lock love fence in the middle of the dining area made this place even more delightful and charming.

We were delighted to try the summer menu that has been the talk of the town. For a refreshing start, we were offered the strawberry mojito served in a light bulb glass, the perfect thirst quencher and absolutely revitalizing with a bit of a tanginess. I like tangy so this was right up my alley!IMG_2916

To start of our journey into the unknown beautiful world of artistic sushi we were offered the Chicken Chips Oman. IMG_2917

My friend said it brought back memories of her childhood in Dubai, eating bread with cheese and a layer spicy Oman chips. I rather liked the crunchiness of the combination, the chicken was delightful, and however I found it a tad too spicy for my palate. It’s great though for those who have a high spicy threshold, like my friend who absolutely enjoyed it.

Next we were introduced to the volcano sushi platter with shrimp with a dash of spicy mayo, which was my personal favorite. We wiped out the plate in no time. It was truly finger licking good .


The Zatar and labneh maki was ok, quite an interest sweet aftertaste to it.

The Flaming Chicken Cheeto’s were a hit for me. What a beautiful mix of textures and flavors. The mix of the chili crunchiness and chicken created a really unique new but very fascinating taste.IMG_2985


The falafel Nigiri was simply divine, the falafel cooked just right and not in the least soggy but perfectly firm.

The hotdog sushi with french fries was an interesting spin on this classic favourite and it was pleasantly delicious.

The Dhokla Maki is a fusion of the popular Gujurat snack made of rice flour and chickpeas. I honestly wasn’t a fan only because I didn’t enjoy the consistency of the dohkla, found it a little dry but its super creative to incorporate an Indian favorite into their menu.IMG_2954

What really stole the show for me though was the sushi burger. Yep you heard right, a sushi burger. Now I know it might sound a little impossible but the guys at Moshi have really gone the extra creative mile on this one. IMG_2983 So imagine a carefully sculpted rice bun with a filling of the most delicious deep fried chicken katsu and what tasted like spicy mayo. I loved it, although eating it proved quite tricky as the rice started falling apart. Apart from that it was absolutely scrumptious.

We were beyond stuffed at the point they were bringing out dessert. On display were beautiful nutella maki rolls generously layered with nutella and peanut butter squares. IMG_2974I love all things sweet and all things peanut butter so this desert made me ridiculously happy. Stuffed, but happy but hey that’s what life’s all about right 🙂 Dessert was fabulously sweet and hit my sweet spot.

I also had the lotus milkshake, which literally left me speechless, it was beautifully creamy and decadent.IMG_2921

Overall would I come back here? A big resounding heck yes. The food is not only succulent, its creative and innovative. Pairing the crisps with the sushi is an unimaginable idea but it works, it works because they have considered the cultural locality and appealed to what people love. Bravo guys, excellent work. Keep it up. I sure will be back for more indulging. Also for all those watching what they eat, you will be pleased to know the rice is fat and gluten free..whooops whoops so you can eat as much sushi as you like J

Happy munching!!

Call  04 2759056 for reservations 🙂

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