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I can think of a million easier things to do than find a place that’s open for breakfast during Ramadan. Off I went googling places open during Ramadan and to my surprise  found quite a handful of places. Friends Avenue was the most conveniently located so I naturally gravitated towards this option. Located in JT Tower T, this place is pretty easy to find, parking on the other hand is almost mission impossible.

Its summer in Dubai and with temperatures soaring at 48 degrees with high humidity, sitting in the gorgeous al fresco outside seating would be a ridiculous thing to do. I imagine that on a cooler day, dining al fresco along the lakes amidst the concrete towers would be a scene that’s altogether rather charming.IMG_2763

We scurried our way into a rather small but busy restaurant, with minimal rustic contemporary décor that gave the place an alluring charm. We were in queue to be seated. Not sure how full it gets on a normal day but the air was swarming with chatter and a buzz, while waiters came out of the kitchen carrying trays and trays of delicious food. IMG_2765 - CopyMy stomach started grumbling. Finally after a long 20 or so minutes we were seated. Food bring on the food already my tummy screamed!

To drink we ordered the fruit boosters which is essentially berries and banana smoothie. I found it altogether  refreshing and delicious. Like their décor, so to is their user friendly menu which offers variety of breakfasts ranging from the healthy granola jars and egg dishes.IMG_2883

To eat we ordered the scrambled eggs which came on a bed  sourdough bread thickly laden with guagamole basil and mushroom. IMG_2770The portions were generously filling and enough for that morning hunger I was experiencing. I added some salmon to jazz up my meal at charge. I don’t think I have had such a good breakfast in a long time.

The food was not only colorful but  fresh, very flavorful and bursting with taste. I loved it the wholesomeness and healthiness of the dishes! I was so full after the end of the breakfast, I needed a wheel barrow to just roll me on out of there.. My friend had the Eggs Benedict which she thoroughly enjoyed, I am not particularly a fan but I had a taste and I rather enjoyed it.IMG_2772

Would I come back again? A big heck yes! This place offers incredible value for money, a pleasant buzzing atmosphere and great grub. IMG_2795The service was good despite the busyness and the waiters really sweet and helpful. Great experience I sure will be back.

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