Iftar at Mazaher


We had the pleasure of trying out the Iftar  menu offering at the newly opened Mazaher  Restaurant situated in the World Trade Centre, this place is truly is a proverbial hidden gem.  To be totally honest, I had never had proper Lebanese cuisine before Mazaher so this was an exciting experience that I was eagerly looking forward to.  You know what they say, whatever you do, always try something new .


The Restaurant is dressed neatly in white  with colourful arabic lanterns which create a cultural ambiance. Upon entry, you are greeted by very friendly staff ushering you into the casual seating area.

IMG_2058I loved the shelves decked with colourful pickled jars and spices which reminded me of a souq for some reason.

A few steps down and you are led to a more formal seating area which offers neatly packed tables with contemporary chairs that were so comfortable and a stage for entertaining traditional performances.IMG_2060

We were offered dates and peach and date juice to break Iftar with. The peach juice was too sweet for my liking, with the date juice providing a more balanced drink.

To eat we were served a variety of cold mezze dishes  which included  tabbouleh,  fattoush with various dip such as hummus, baba ghanoush or moutabal and kibbeh.

IMG_2063I loved  the Kibbeh nayye which is essentially raw lamb marinated in various sauces.


We also had a variety of warm mezzes.

I enjoyed the mujaddara which comprised lentils with rice garnished with caramelized onions. One of the most tastiest dishes I have ever tasted so full of flavour.IMG_2066 The lentil soup was a little bland.


The meat from the mixed grill we ordered was not only piping hot but so fresh and juicy.


The towers of sweets and fruit on offer  were such a temptation but I managed to retrain myself and have just a taste of the fruit and some rich baklava.


The overall experience left not only me but my taste buds thoroughly satisfied and enlightened to the new flavors and generally left a sweet taste in my mouth.. The quality of the food was excellent and I absolutely enjoyed and savored the various sour salty combinations that I tasted. It was really an experience that I will definitely be back for. The hospitality was great too. Our waiter Obaid was amazing and so knowledgeable.

The only thing I didn’t particularly like was that smoking was allowed indoors. I find that smoking while eating can ruin the sensory culinary experience. w

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