Penny pinching to see the world!

I am forever hearing this from people… “Winnie you are on holiday more than you are at work”. Where do you get the money to globetrot so often? I wish I could say I am a trust fund baby or my job involves a profuse amount of travel, but sadly it doesn’t. The truth is when you have a day job, travel falls into priority or luxury with other hard pressing things such as kids, cars, houses, clothes, dining experiences, concerts, taking preference. This but for me, I find investing in travel experiences more meaningful and enriching.


Now not everyone will shares my sentiments but to each his own. With that said, I am more dedicated and committed to my travel kitty than I‘ll ever be to any diet.


Maybe travelling is not a priority for you right now but you want to start saving, there are some things you can do to make your money stretch more. I always advise that you have a travel destination in mind before saving. So you can calculate a rough estimate of costs involved. I usually plan all my trips in January for the year so I can figure out targets to reach. If you are looking for ways to save check out some of my tips below.

Here are some of my penny pinching strategies:

  1. Stop your frequent dinner dates with the girls or the guys, these can add up over time, doing this saved me more than ever. Here’s an idea-instead call people over and cook for them. And in the likely event you can’t cook, there’s nothing that YouTube can’t fix.
  2. Cheers to the freaking weekend? I think not- overpriced sexy drinks at the bar can cost a fortune, imagine one night of drinking could easily have paid for one hotels’ night’s stay. Puts things in perspective doesn’t it?cocktail-final
  3. Buying new clothes? If you still fit into your old clothes why waste money on new ones? Well I get trying to look fabulous but girls, tone it down a bit. And if you simply can’t resist the temptation, be reasonable in your shopping. Exercise a little self-control (I am feeling intense hate from the girls already!). Focus. You have a lifetime of memories you’re saving for
  4. Stop buying that expensive Star buck’s coffee, make some at home. Yes those chai lattes  add up…a lot!
  5. Forget about the latest phone upgrade, it’s not worth it, if you can send texts, WhatsApp, make calls then you’re fine, why buy into the upgrade fad? The answer to the pic below should be a firm NO!!! Lolpin-phone
  6. Is the only thing running your gym membership, ditch it and work out at home, take a run outside.. Ok this is not recommended for Dubai peeps. Check out
  7. Yes going to the movie theater is fun and makes for a great outing but its hellava expensive and what about the exorbitant price of popcorn. (This is not easy for me…I am a movie popcorn addict!) 1210There are plenty free latest movies on the net, why not do a movie night and stay in.
  8. Plan your meals in advance and cook them in bulk to avoid spending money on unhealthy and expensive take outs at work.

The list goes on, the bottom line is, you must put in effort for the things you want in life. If you want to travel more, see Gods beautiful handiwork then in Fifth Harmonies words “You gotta work work work” and save wherever you can, even if it takes you a whole year, its OK…Rome wasn’t built in a day I am no millionaire and if I can be disciplined, trust me so can you.








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