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Picking a ready made pizza  with all the ingredients you want can be a somewhat of a consuming task, I know it is for me. 800 Degrees pizza simplifies this arduous task. Whats great is that you become little chef by  picking your base, crust, sauce, cheese and ingredients from the wide variety laid before you.

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The freedom to mix and match all your ingredients is fantastic and gives one a sense of accomplishment-creator of an amazing pizza. I find that pretty rewarding.

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So off I went an created a pizza I call the Pizza el Winster (corny much!!) I added some pepperoni, mozzarella, bits of beef bacon and some jalapeno to jazz it up. Ma ma mia -The result was an altogether combination of piping hot yumminess…Ah la dolce vita!

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I found it value for money and the ingredients farm fresh and so tasty. This place is always busy when I pass it. Ill try not to be too much of a regular or else my hips wont be too happy. Bellisimo

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