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The elevated ceilings, upside down plants and vases and beautiful wall paneled lighting and happy chatter induces an inviting atmosphere. The modern chic wooden tables beautifully paired with comfortable leather chairs, creating the ideal vibe for a scrumptious dinner.

The staff meticulously dressed in black and white, including suspenders adding a touch of dapper were ever smiling despite the busyness. Farzi Café is suitably located in the newly opened City Walk in Al Safa. It offers traditional Indian cuisine with a surprising twist that you will leave you enthralled.

For our tasting we had the following:

Beverages offered here are all nonalcoholic, first up we had Ananias sorbet with colada pearls and coconut. The coconut was decadently creamy and fresh with a fragrant pineapple aftertaste.IMG_0514 IMG_0522The passion fruit ginger ale with Lavender and strawberry tea were deliciously refreshing and I loved the strong berry infusion. The presentation was beyond phenomenal.

We had the sweet curd with cherry bubble. Which was interestingly tasty and bursts in your mouth.


Raj kachori with crispy okra salad stuffed with tangy pumpkin mint chutney and yoghurt. The mint chutney is sweet but tangy and the okra and pomegranate creating a crunchy balances to the traditional street snack.IMG_0528

The Gol goppas were delicious.IMG_0526

Chicken quesadillas corn tortillas stuffed with crunchy chicken and cheese, not your traditional inidan food but they added an Indian spicy flair to it.IMG_0530

IMG_0532Cottage cheese scrambled with Indian spices on a pastry with black pepper cocktail onions was ok, the pastry was delicious though.

The presentation of the Quail eggs in a chained bottle was interesting and reminded me of some David Copperfield illusion. The only problem is I found the eggs were a little dry though.IMG_0548

The Deconstructed shepherd’s pie with chunks of beef and grilled potatoes was beautifully presented in a crescent moon dish and was one of the best meals for me, the beef was tenderly cooked to perfection in a delicious sauce.IMG_0540

The Malabari mutton and roti was also a hit with me, I loved the caramelized onions and the fried coconut mixture blend that made this dish a spectacular one for (11)

I was wondering where the rice was, after all, what’s an Indian restaurant without beloved rice. The Shawarma biryani was delicious the mutton soft and buttery, the rice very fragrant not (12).png

Aubergine moussaka was ok, I am not a fan but for those aubergine lovers, they might enjoy the flavor and (1)

I am honestly not a fan of Indian dessert so I think I would be biased to comment on the dessert, Lomli loved it though.

Overall I absolutely am coming back to Farzi and I definitely recommend this place from a first date to a birthday venue, its perfect for any occasion. I am impressed with how knowledgeable the staff were and the attention and interest they paid to all their patrons. I hope that this standard is kept and that they don’t fall into the trap of most new restaurants that value customer service in the beginning but then slack after a while. The prices I found offered value for money for the simple yet extravagant dishes that are created. I simply loved everything about this place and you will too.

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      beautiful arent they…dont worry i havent broken my 21 days, went here a few weeks ago

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