Logma’s new Menu (Dubai -Box Park)

Logma is one of the latest restaurants attracting a huge buzz in the city. Situated in Box Park, this place is always teeming with all sorts of people. This was my third time here, but the first trying out the new additions to their menu. The simplistic yet modern décor with its wooden interiors makes this the perfect place to unwind.

We took great advantage of the cool summer breeze and dined outside. Our waiter, Mike was very welcoming, knowledgeable and super-efficient. He recommended a variety of dishes for us and this is what we tried:


Since I am a sucker for chicken wings I dared to try their Khaleeji wings which Mike informed me were very spicy. I found them well cooked and flavorful, not as spicy as I had expected, maybe my spice threshold is too high lol. I found the coating on the wings a little too thick but delicious nonetheless.IMG_0760

Cheese samboosa- now this is something I could easily get addicted to. The samboosa was crispy and not at all oily, the cream cheese literally melts in your mouth in a pool of delicious. I absolutely loved them.IMG_0716

For mains I had the Logma Burger under the sandwiches section of the menu. It’s made of beef patty with lettuce and secret logma sauce with has a barbeque charred aftertaste to it. The patty was fresh and tasty.I loved the burger, the bread was soft and fresh and fluffy.IMG_0758

The Machbous chicken comprised of traditional marinated chicken in khaleeji spices cooked with yellow rice and served with raita sauce. This dish was not only fragrant but looked really appetizing. The mix of spices was perfect and the cashew nuts gave it a beautiful crunch. The dish tasted like biryani but better.IMG_0757

We were stuffed at this point but Mike encouraged us to try the dessert. I am glad that we did. We had the logaimat, which is fried dumplings topped with date and Nutella syrup. We have something very similar in South Africa called amagwinya which are so delicious. These however tend to be a little oily, in this case they were not, I found them a little dry in the center but still very tasty and addictive when dipped into the Nutella .IMG_0770

What stole my heart, was the Chebab Pancake with a marscapone cheese centre with drizzling of date syrup served with a nice scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream. I absolutely fell in love with this creamy decadent dessert with offers so much flavor, texture and sweetness. It felt sinful digging deep into this delicious sweet something. I recommend this to everyone.IMG_0771

To drink we had the Sunset and Atlantis both refreshing and so tasty. The saudi coffee served in a traditional tea pot and cute cups was fragrant and spiced. Very delicious and perfect way to end a beautiful dinner.IMG_0706

IMG_0778I think Logma did a great thing by launching a new menu offering plenty variety and catering to every palate. Overall verdict: The new additions to the menu are fantastic. The portions for the mains are ample for two people sharing easily. Price is reasonable. Ambience amazing and service very attentive. Thank you guys keep up the great work.

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