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They say there a superhero inside every one of us, I just wish my superpower was the ability to devour every single morsel of delectable food served at the Superhero Brunch at Mazina.IMG_0311 The place was lively with children dressed in their favorite costumes ready for some action. Even the pretty ladies at the entrance spotted some super girl outfits.

IMG_0312Located in the Dubai Marina Address Hotel, this place boosts prime location with spacious indoor and outdoor seating.


As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a colorful open bar offering all sorts of virgin fruity and alcoholic concoctions enough to make you drool.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and sat outside for brunch with a spectacular view.IMG_0374

My eyes took in the many tantalizing sights that lay before me, delectable spreads that the superhero world would definitely approve of.

There is a kids area which is a world of its own with plenty games and entertainment to keep the little superhero’s busy while you indulge in some of the finest cuisine around. Now of to explore the world of this yummy gastronomy.
Some brunches’ tend to be haphazard with food stations all over the show but this one was very orderly and organized.

It starts off with salads and all the healthy green leafy stuff that I really don’t enjoy, (only because I am a superhero and we only eat meat).

As you proceed, various fish options such as trout and mackerel, prawns, oysters and crab await.


Then came the sushi and sashimi and various canapes that were so delicately and beautifully presented.

The pork station offering ham and cold meats put a big smile on my face.

IMG_0326Then came the cheese stand with grape pairings and I forgot the fresh smelling bread station offering even donuts.


The sous chef stands behind the hanging ducks and I am reminded of a movie scene that involves Chinatown and Peking ducks. IMG_0331The Chinese station offers a variety of spring rolls dim sum and dumplings.

The Indian station offers your butter chicken, curries and biryani.


It wasn’t thanksgiving but a delicious perfect turkey surrounded by broccoli and cauliflower stood in grandeur in the hot food counter. It was a sight to behold.

Right next to it sat the veal and rice looked absolutely hearty and delicious.

I fixed my eyes on the beef roast and couldn’t wait to devour it. The most beautiful food displayed was the herbed lamb rack.IMG_0348

It looked pretty close to perfection. Oh and did I mention the pork ribs?


I couldn’t contain my excitement at seeing the sweet station, it offers a glorious milk and white chocolate fountain and fruit and brownie dipping sticks.

IMG_0362If that weren’t enough, the various cakes and pastries provide temptations that no one can resist. I was left scratching my head at what to try, when the chef came to my rescue and recommended the red velvet cake and crème Brule.

I tried as much to satisfy my ravenous hunger by tasting a little bit of everything, I can’t say I completely succeeded but you absolutely have to try the following:
The Duck Bao was delicious, tasted like fresh bread with a bursting savory hearty filling.

The rack of lamb tasted as delicious as it looked, if not better. Tender juices oozing with a mouthwatering buttery flavor combined with the mint was the perfect balanced combination.IMG_0392

The veal and rice utterly rich in tomatoey gravy with the veal gliding like butter off the knife.IMG_0386


The pork ribs had a nice char to them yet were incredibly juicy. Literally finger licking goodness.

The mango cream- no words can describe the rich fragrantly tasty dessert.


The red velvet was intergalactic -the spongiest, moist with just the right amount of cream cheese, I absolutely loved it.IMG_0396

The caramel cups with white and dark chocolate beads were decadently divine.


To drink, I thoroughly enjoyed the strawberry Margaritas. I had three I think. I didn’t particularly enjoy the Pina colada, it was a little bland. That has to be the only complaint I had.IMG_0380

Overall the service was spectacular, with waiters checking on us every time but in a courteous and non-irritating kind of way. The brunch is priced at AED 315 for soft drinks and AED440 for alcoholic with house beverages.

This is a brunch I would totally whole heartedly recommend. Value for money considering with the food being of an impeccable quality. I was really impressed with the overall variety of the food offered. The presentation of every single dish was flawless. I think we can all agree that every superhero deserves a good meal after a long day of saving the world, Marina provides just the place for that hunger busting food that hits the spot. My only regret is that I didn’t wear my cat woman costume!! I will next time…and that’s a promise…Thank you Mazina for a truly memorable brunch- I LOVED IT!!
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