Happy vibes at Serendipity 3

Never having traveled to America, I am glad that globalization has brought America to me. Serendipity III is located in Festival Mall and is a branch of the famous Serendipity III founded in New York. This quirky restaurant has not only made a few appearances on the big screen but has also been frequented by mega stars such as Diana Ross and Marilyn Monroe. At the entrance stand two trees in an ice cream cone shape with a cherry on top. So adorable!


The first word that popped into my mind when I was trying to describe how Serendipity made me feel. The word was jovial. This place made me feel happy, giddy flamboyant all in one. I think it may have something to do with the classic American ice cream glitzy fun parlor like decor.

From the pale green hues of the wall paper to the umbrellas on the cloud painted ceilings, the cotton candy and popcorn machines.

The ginormous candies and oh so colorful sweet stations. It felt so very…jovial!

Now the reason I got an opportunity to visit this awesome place was because of Zomato. Big shout out to you guys for organizing such awesome foodie events.
As I sat down I was greeted very pleasantly by a magnificent and delightfully enormous cup of their famous frozen hot chocolate. Frozen what I hear you say. Yes! It’s frozen. I hear there are over 14 different types of chocolate into the delicious potion. To me it tasted like a fusion of ice cream, chocolate and cream. The chocolate was quite pronounced and smooth and the cream very light and fresh. Not too sweet which was good.


Plates of nachos were brought out. I am not a big fan of nachos but I found these scrumptious. The guacamole stood out for me as bursting with flavor.

The garden salad with the giant croutons fascinated me.

The burgers we tried were so succulent so juicy so perfect. I actually ended up having two of these. Brilliant burger.

The potato pockets looked amazing but I didn’t get a chance to try them.

The NYC Foot long was a hit. Delicious sausage with sauerkraut mustard and pickle relish. It was mind blowing so good.

The Texas Chilly hot dog was good, I found it had a bit of an aftertaste I dint quite get. But overall good.


The fries are fresh, light and I could gobble a portion in one seating. The sweet potato fries were even better. I loved their crisp and non-grease residue.

The chicken pizza was fantastic. The chicken well cooked and cheese not too overwhelming.


The cedar salmon with asparagus stole my heart. It was not only soft and tender, the flavor was amazing, and the apricot glaze gave it such a beautiful sweet finishing.

We thought desert was over when servers came in with gigantic banana splits.


Not only that, a tray of treasure chest was brought to our delight. This is a combination of cakes, chocolate, cookies in a beautiful heap, the presentation is something to behold.



The red velvet cheese cake was out of this world and so was the chocolate cake.

This place brings their A Game on when it comes to their food. I was pleasantly surprised during the entire meetup. The portions are great…American do it best. The food was delicious, the presentation astounding. The service perfect, efficient and friendly I hope this is the standard treatment on a normal day. Keep up the great work. I am sure to visit real soon. Thank you for an amazing event.

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