All things Thai at Little Bangkok

Little Bangkok situated in the Trade Centre Area, I had heard amazing things about it and finally went to try it. The décor is authentically Thai, wooden furnishings, paintings and gorgeous oriental lamps. The restaurant is plenty spacious with upstairs seating as well as offering al fresco dining.

To order we shared the mixed dim sum platter which comprised of seafood and chicken variations, it came served with slices of roast duck which were deliciously tender. The chicken dim sum was my favorite. The chili paste that comes with the soy sauce is absolutely delicious.


It was a chilly day so ordered a hot chocolate to get warmed up.


To eat we ordered the following:
Pad Thai which was temptingly aromatic, however tasted a little bland for my liking.

I ordered the Khao Pad Sapproad which is basically fried rice with shrimp and chicken with cashew nuts served in a pineapple shell. I enjoyed the variety of spices mixed with the lovely crunch offered by the nuts. Altogether spicy and delicious.


The Khao Pad See Sehai is friend rice with goji berries and shitake mushrooms and peanuts. I found the char grilled smoky flavors’ quite irresistible and very tasty. The meal is perfect for vegetarians but as a meat eater I wouldn’t feel I am missing out on anything if I had this meal on its own. The goji berries give it a lovely sweet undertone.


The Green curry was good, could have been slightly thicker.


When it comes to Thai dessert, its futile to surrender. We ordered the sticky mango rice.Hands down delicious, perfect blend o f coconut milk that isn’t overloaded with sugar.


The batterfried banana was good, I don’t particularly like the banana fried as it gets a tad slimy. It would have been tasteier with a firmer plantain in my opinion. The ice cream combination made it delicious though.


Overall good food at great value. The portions are great and plenty for sharing. I however did notice hat the cutlery was not entirely the cleanest. I suggest they work on this. The service was good, however we didn’t have someone checking in on us as regularly as I would have liked. Otherwise good place for Thai Food.


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