La Decadent Brunching at the Manor-St Regis Dubai

Imagine with me a little, you walk into a grandiose hall with elegant marble onyx columns that lead to a flight of golden railed stairways, chandeliers and golden framed paintings and splashes of color from the beautiful flowers. 20160122_163945

Well you don’t have to imagine because this is the enchanting scene that greets you as enter the newly opened St Regis Hotel in Dubai.20160122_163920

The chain of St Regis Hotels are modelled on the first hotel built in New York in the early 1900’s. The extravagant detail in the architecture is truly astonishing. The neoclassical décor and furniture brings back found memories of the various palaces I saw in Paris that exude sheer opulence. Come with me as I share the delightful details of our Zomato Bloggers Meetup.


Delicious sparkling welcome drinks greeted us as we arrived. I ordered a Rose that was irresistibly fruity, light and delicately enticing, if I remember correctly it was the Serpolet. I stuck with it for most of the afternoon.


We were served an array of crustaceans including prawns, mussels and lobster on a bed of ice. Woe to me I have a seafood allergy but I did have a couple of prawns which were delightful.


It was my first time having foie gras, don’t judge me peopleJ, and I must say my taste buds  were pleasantly impressed, the truffle foie gras was rich, smooth and paired with the raspberry jam was a perfect blend of delectable.


Various bowls of salad were served and I particularly enjoyed the cous cous and pomegranate salad which offered a sweet sour crunch. I however found the labneh sald unimpressive and bland.

What I valued most was the mix between bespoke service where waiters come to you and refill your drinks and food to your hearts content and the self service offering, which meant you could wander off and fill your plate with all the delicious foods that tickled your fancy.


The restaurant is spacious and bright with natural light flooding the interior. There are various stations offering various tempting spreads.

There’s a wine and cheese station which is decked with a beautiful variety of French and Italian cheeses. The Chef is available to help you select the best pairing.

There is also the seafood counter which has plenty to cater to every seafood lover’s whim.


There is also a cold meat, bread and foie gras selection on display.

20160122_135544 I enjoyed all of these thoroughly and visited them more than once or twice. The dried meat was a lovely feature that reminded me of biltong back home. Absolutely delicious.


For mains we had the trolley service come and visit us with an assortment of thick cuts of thick succulently juicy rib eye and sirloin steaks, salmon and roast duck accompanied with truffle mash potatoes and grilled vegetables. The steaks were altogether matchless in taste, flavor and texture, I loved the chargrilled exterior of the steak, which was beautifully cooked into a medium roast that melted in my mouth.





If that weren’t enough we were led to the even more spacious patisserie where sweet temptations attacked us from every corner.

20160122_134609There stood before us , beautiful macaroon towers,20160122_134705


Pocket filled chocolates


chocolate fountain with three types of chocolate, dipping sticks of strawberry, pineapple, cookies and meringues just screaming to be touched. I touched quite a few. They were sinfully delicious, I gave in to every chocolate yearning I had that day.



And on top of all of that they also had a cotton candy stand, popcorn stand and a sweets corner with all sorts of yummy jellies and can you believe they have a gelato stall too. I felt 12 again.


I loved the trolley service which made me feel well taken care off, it’s such a lovely gesture that makes one feel like a valued patron. The presentation of the dishes was classy. The food was divine. Excellent quality in the ingredients is easily noticeable. The dishes came piping hot just how I like it.

I just want to take a few seconds to commend the staff at St Regis. Wow it is so rare to find service so excellent. The waiters were not only accommodating, attentive but very knowledgeable and most of them spoke French which I found super cool. The staff was very helpful and simply amazing. Keep up the excellent work.

We had the pleasure of meeting the head chef Soufian straight from Cannes, France who runs a really stellar kitchen. Much of what I have seen and gathered is that he is really passionate about the art of cooking. It’s always lovely knowing you that people are passionate about what they do.

Would I recommend this place? Mais Oui!! A big resounding yes. It’s perfect for all occasions, be it that romantic date night, special occasion or even a lovely quiet breakfast. The brunch, although a tad pricier than most is worth every single fils.

They have done an excellent job in making one’s experience not only a decadent one but a memorable one too. Being part of the bloggers invited to Brunch at the Manor at their signature Restaurant Brasserie Quartier was truly a blessing.  Thank you St Regis and Zomato for the hook up.

Brunch at the Manor is a must. It starts at 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Costs are:

Dhs. 450(Soft Drinks)

Dhs. 550(Free-flow of House Beverages)

Dhs. 650(Free-flow of House Beverages & Bollinger Champagne)

For an altogether magnifique Brunch Je dis Merci.

04 4551614 for reservations
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  1. February 2, 2016 / 8:48 am

    C’est vraiment magnifique !
    Bonne journée, bises !

    • February 2, 2016 / 9:37 am

      Merci beaucoup Carole

  2. February 2, 2016 / 9:04 am

    I love brunching in the UAE. They have so many great places.

    • February 2, 2016 / 9:33 am

      So ture so many options where does one start lol. which brunch is your fav?

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