Marcel’s Frozen Yogurt all day erryday!

Marcels conjures up fond memories of lazy weekend treats in the student metropolis of Rondebosch, Cape Town. Marcels was actually introduced into SA in 1989, when founder Marcel VD Merwe went to study abroad and experienced froyo and decided to bring this delectable concept back home.

Bless his heart!  Marcels has grown into such a well-loved brand and in my books takes the cup in as the best froyo in the history of ever. Marcels  wins me over and over again. Marcels is expanding quite a bit throughout SA but a store can also be found in Saudi. My humble request is that they open a branch in Dubai J

My first taste of this decadent but healthier dessert was with my sister Flora who happened to work there as a student. This was amazing as it goes without saying that I got bigger servings than most.

The one thing I love about marcels is that it has probiotic cultures and made from natural flavors making it a healthier option. The truth is Froyo does provide a healthier alternative to ice cream but not if you are topping it with all kinds of delicious chocolatey things, which is what I do often.


This Marcels is situated at the Glen shopping center in the South of Johannesburg. It occupies a tiny kiosk for take away at a corner close to the Pick n Pay entrance. I wish they had some seats so patrons can comfortably indulge.


The décor is the standard white and blue with a tempting toppings stand.


What I had

When I find something I like, I stick to it like glue. Since my university days English toffee stole my heart and I will forever be loyal. English toffee possesses a unique smooth butterscotchy toffee flavor that is the closest thing to heaven. It’s creamy and velvety yet very light and tastes very natural. I always have it with astros as my preferred topping.


The same goes for the chocolate with sugar cone.


My sister had the mixed vanila strawberry and English toffee which was equally yum.


I love the strong flavors that are in no way diluted as you find in some froyo places. Each spoonful of each swirl is simply blissful. It’s no wonder Marcel’s has raked in so many awards at the SA Dairy Championships.

Pricing and Service

I am pleasantly surprised that the prices are super reasonable and largely remain unchanged. It costs R20 for a small cup and R24 for the medium. The cup size difference is massive, so it’s a given that medium provides more value for money.

Should you try it out? Heck yes!!

Overall excellent Froyo at great value for money that will never disappoint. Totally worth it. It’s an amazing place to stop by after a date, while shopping, actually you don’t need any excuse to have Marcels…just go ahead and enjoy the creamy decadence.

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  1. January 13, 2016 / 11:47 am

    Miam !! Quelle gourmande !
    Bisous, Carole

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