Diaries of a Wanderluster with Ghadir Shaar

Wanderlust is defined as a strong irresistible, impulsive desire to travel or longing to wander. This segment features a Q&A with wanderlusters from all around the world who have explored this beautiful earth and have very interesting and valuable insights to share with us.

Hoping you will be inspired to just let go and wander…Meet Ghadir Shaar, a daring, adventurous,adrenaline junky and most generous guy I have come across, he’s also happens to be my neighbour.


Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what you do etc

Hi I’m is Ghadir Shaar, 28 years old, settled in Dubai for the last 4 years now. I work as renewable energy recruitment consultant. I’m enthusiastic photographer, adventurer and love traveling. Love adrenaline rush and crazy stuff.

 What three things do you enjoy most about travelling?

There is certainly a big list of things I enjoy in traveling equally, but basically Exploring new countries/cities, learning about the culture and talking to local people, and local food of course are the things I really enjoy on any travel.


 Favorite destination and why?

It is very hard to answer this but long list short:

Siberia: Been To Siberia in September on a solo camping trip. The extreme weather and nature makes it very tempting for me.

 Arctic/Greenland/Antarctica: these three are all my favourite destinations that I would love to visit: As I’m a super fan of extreme weather conditions and remote destinations.


 Most memorable/ funniest travel memory?

 Recently during my trip around Russia, I was shouted at by an old woman for being rude, my knowledge in Russian language is limited so I was asking the lady about something and told her Ty( which is you in informal) instead of saying VY (you in formal). She was very irritated and started to shout at me and first few seconds didn’t know what she was yelling then i understood her and told her am sorry. That was really funny for me and left me laughing for a while after.


 What valuable travel tips can you share?

Plan your travel very well but do not be 100% tight to the plan and stay opened you might find amazing things you didn’t know when you were planning.

– List the stuff you want to take with you and pack as light as possible.

– Learn and research your destination very well(Culture/Locals/Food).

– learn the basic of any country’s language and culture Locals like when travelers/tourists speak their language.

– Eat where locals eat.

– Wake up early morning and remember you are here for few days only so don’t spend them sleeping.

– Stay positive, draw a smile on your face and do not let anything annoy you. Enjoy every single moment and remember to be show a good behaviour always.

– Stay Safe, because you want to travel again and because your safety what matters the most.

How would you convince someone to start travelling?

The world is so beautiful and open, get out of your comfort zone and explore what is behind your door.



 Where’s your next destination?

 I have couple of destinations that are on top of my list for 2016. However I think Iceland/Norway would be the first ones to hit in 2016

 Favorite dish so far on your travels?

I really enjoy every country’s food and I have a fav dish in each country. However I would vote for Varenyky (dumplings) (Ukraine), Dal baht (steamed rice and lentils)(Nepal)

 What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not doing sports or photography, I watch documentaries, read, and learn more about our planet and the space or hanging out with friends.

 Your dream job would be? And why?

My dream job is to work with Nat Geo, in either traveling expeditions or  as a featured photographer. Since my passion is both Photography and adventures, it makes it an ideal job for me to travel, see the world and enjoy what I love.


Thank you Gahdir for your amazing insights. 🙂

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