Travel teaches…

My fridge magnets show the many beautiful places I have been and some I am yet to see. As the year comes to a close and as I reflect, I am so thankful to God for the amazing opportunities and provision to experience His beautiful earth and to marvel at His wonderful creations.

Travel has always been near and dear to my heart and it shall continue to always be.

Travel always teaches us something…I have learnt so much about myself,I’ve met amazing people, challenged my perceptions and way of thinking.  Every single country has taught me something, like how I learnt humility in Ethiopia, cheerfulness in Kenya, being content with whatever little you have in Thailand, generosity in Tanzania, the importance of family in Italy, the list goes on.

God you are truly amazing and as I step into the new year I smile and welcome the many new adventures that await me.

Oh the places you will go-Dr Seuss.


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