Lingering Breakfasts at EAT Restaurant (Colombo)

EAT Restaurant is OZO Hotel’s main restaurant, since we were staying at the hotel, we decided  for the sake of convenience to just head down and try it out.IMG_20151130_111818

Not only is the restaurant spacious, it also has really calming views of the sea. I remember wishing they had outdoor seating, especially on a crisp sunny morning  such as this one.



I started off with pineapple and papaya. The pineapples in Sri Lanka are wonderfully sweet and mouthwatering everywhere we went and these were no different. The papaya was also sweet and ripe. It’s refreshing to find sweet fruit at buffet places, it’s usually a case of mass produced fruit.



The breakfast is the usual continental style offerings of scrambled eggs, which looked rather sad.

IMG_20151130_091335However if you do not wish to have sad scrambled eggs, the chef to make your favorite eggs on request.

I had two sunny side eggs, which were yum. I also had the onion sambal which simply just blew my mind.


They offer seafood omelets too, which I found rather interesting. They also had bacon, and yes it was pork so I was really excited.

IMG_20151130_091315 The previous hotel we were staying at offered chicken bacon, which tasted quite awful. The bacon was delicious , smokey with the perfect crispiness to it . I had about two helpings.

There were an assortment of breads, croissants and cereals.




Various jams, honeys and condiments.


What would a breakfast be without an infusion of local cuisine? They had Sri Lankan breaksfast options such as hoppers, dosa’s, various curries and daal. Great way to make it an all inclusive breakfast to cater to everyone’s taste.


The chicken curry and dosa were simply divine and spicy.

I was told of an interesting Sri Lankan delicacy of buffalo curd (yogurt) and bee honey. Curd has to be one of my weaknesses and so I was interested to taste buffalo curd. Well, to be honest, it tasted a little richer, heavier and thicker consistency than normal curd, however, mixed with the honey it was magical.



I loved that the food seemed fresh and quality ingredients used. The service was really good and attentive.

Our breakfast lingered for about two hours, we were stuffed at the end of it and at the price of about AED 25, this breakfast was absolute value for money for me.

Ahem, as for the name, EAT Restaurant? Come on guys, a little more creativity…hahahah..just saying…

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    Super gourmand !
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