Tea Time at Leopolds (Zomato Food Trail)


Just a couple days after I had my first visit to Leopold of London, (which I wasn’t entirely pleased with) came the Zomato Food Trail event with Emirates NBD. #ENBDJBR

Coincidentally, Leopold’s of London, was the first of four stops on our exciting mystery food trail. My first impression of LoL was swiftly altered. We were greeted by enthusiastic and friendly staff and got to meet the Emirates NBD team who were great.


The interior of LoL is minimalistic elegant and dimly lit and spacious with dark wood furnishings. Our meetup was on the top floor which had stunning views.

IMG_20151124_181219The top floor has an intimate feel to it, with wall stacked bottles of teas in what felt like a mock wine cellar (sorry blurry pic).






The tables were charmingly decked with clear teapots with matching tea cups and timers in what looked like a proper tea ceremony.





Our gift goodie bags neatly placed. I was excited for the tea procession to follow.



The Tea sommeliers or (Tea Doctors) as they like to be referred to as, explained the various teas we would be sampling and also informed us of time for optimal brewing, hence the timers. If one leaves the tea longer than it should be brewed for, it becomes bitter.

pizap.com14485221589071We had a variety of teas but I tried the following:

Marrakesh Mint, lovely peppermint refreshing taste which is good for those hot days.

Cape Town Earl Grey which had Rooibos and sweet vanilla accents to it. I liked it.

Milk Oolong was my second favorite, as a lover of all things chocolate, the vanilla, milk and caramel aromas smell heavenly. The leaves are apparently infused with buffalo milk.

The show was stolen was by the Chocolate Diavolo. It smelt and tasted like chocolate but had a spicy kick and aftertaste to it. If you have had Lindt chilli chocolate, it tastes exactly like it but in a liquid form.

As we were merrily swirling the teas, along came plates of enticing and delightful looking desserts that made my mouth water instantly. The lineup was as follows:




Spicy Carrot Cake, was such a soft moist texture, beautiful cream cheese with spicy undertones. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Gluten free chocolate cake, found it tasty but a little dry.

Ginger cake with treacle cream, ginger is tricky for me, it’s a taste I have to acquire, but the cake was soft and tasty the cream really delicious.

Medjool Date cake with salted caramel cream cheese, was tremendously spongy, moist and not too sweet and my favorite.

Blueberry vanilla cheese cake, was simply delicious.

Caramelized pecan nut cheese cake had a wonderful crunchy delicate shortbread crust and strong caramel aftertaste.

Like wine pairings, apparently one can pair tea to a dessert. The Chocolate Diavolo goes perfectly with the chocolate cake and the Oolong White with any of the cheese cakes. If you find yourself having tea here, be sure to ask the Tea Doctors for a recommended pairing to make the best of your tea experience.

I have never really been a tea lover, however these teas may have converted me. All the teas were special in their own right and the flavors beautifully pronounced. I think I finally understand what my tea loving friends go on about. It’s a wonderful experience.

The staff (Tea Doctors I mean) were very knowledgeable and professional and service generally excellent . I really enjoyed their excitement and enthusiasm as they took us on the tea journey.

Thank you Zomato and Emirates NBD and all you fantastic people at LOL.





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  1. November 26, 2015 / 7:47 am

    C’est magnifique !
    J’irais bien y faire un tour !

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