Diaries of a Wanderluster with Arielle Tan

Wanderlust is defined as a strong irresistible, impulsive desire to travel or longing to wander. Travel makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.  This segment features a Q&A with wanderlusters from all around the world who have explored this beautiful earth and have very interesting and valuable insights to share with us. Hoping you will be inspired to just let go and wander…Meet global citizen, fashionista, photographer and foodie and lover of life Arielle Tan!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, what you do etc

I am a twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Montreal that loves to share my love for food, fashion, beauty and travel to hopefully inspire you to try new things and to live your life to the fullest.


What three things do you enjoy most about travelling?

Discovering local food, shops and cultures. I just love finding out about places I have never been, taking a lot of pictures and meeting new people.


Favorite destination and why?

Definitely Europe! I am a huge culture and art lover and Europe is such a great destination to see the pillars of our civilisation, art-wise, architecture-wise, culture-wise, etc.


Most memorable/ funniest travel memory?

The donkey rides my sister and I took when we were in Santorini, Greece. It is so uncomfortable but yet so funny and a classic thing to do in the islands.


What valuable travel tips can you share?

I would personally advice people to do research about local spots of a particular city before traveling there. You get to discover so many precious gems and make sure not to miss out on anything!


How would you convince someone to start travelling?

It is an experience of a lifetime. I would talk to them about the richness of a traveling experience, how eye-opening it is and how many amazing discoveries you can make. Once you start traveling, you can’t stop wanting to do so.


Where’s your next destination?

I really want to go to the South of France or to go back to Italy. A tie between these two countries!


Favorite dish so far on your travels?

Vine leaves. I had my first vine leaves in Crete – Greece and it is one of the most delicious meal I have ever ate. It is so fresh, light and amazing.

Tell us something people don’t really know about you.

I am a really shy person when I am hanging out with a big amount of people or in groups. It doesn’t really show up on my blog since writing is not really the same thing than speaking in front of a crowd or in public!


What quote sums up your life and motivates you?

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost. It is a poem from The Lord of the Rings that I just love!

Thank you Arielle for sharing your valuable insights!
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