Healthy food fix at IWOK (Dubai Marina)

As we all know, Dubai offers a mouthwatering variety of diverse cuisine at every corner, some of which is not exactly the healthiest. Dubai is fast past and we usually fall into the trap of grabbing quick meals that are often high caloric and offer little nutritional value. IWOK offers a delicious and healthy alternative that I think everyone should try.

IWOK is a new Asian concept restaurant that prides itself in healthy meals cooked with minimal oil and grease. The best part is that their food is MSG free yet still retains delicious nutrients and flavors.

IWOK contacted me for a complimentary tasting of their food delivererd straight to my doorstep. Thank you.


When it comes to food, deciding what to order is often the hardest part for me. So, naturally, the idea of creating your own customized meal in three easy steps was definitely music to my ears. It’s pretty neat and easy and here’s how it works:
1. You choose your base from a list of options such as egg noodles, buckwheat and udon noodles, variety of rice quinoa or mixed vegetables if you don’t want carbs.
2. Then you choose your protein of either chicken, beef, shrimp or calamari and other ingredients, such as mushrooms, capsicum, baby corn, tomatoes to be included in your meal
3. Lastly, you select the sauce you would like to accompany your food. They have 7 delicious sauces on offer with iSaigon (Garlic Black Pepper) and iHot Asia (Korean Chilli) being their best sellers. They also have delicious salads and edamame available in your favorite iwok sauce.
I chose the following meals:
Brown Rice mixed with spring onion, cabbage and carrot and egg with shrimp, broccoli, bean sprouts and capsicum. I choose the iHot Asia sauce.

This magnificent meal that I created was not only healthy but oozing with bursts of flavor. The broccoli was crunchy and so were the capsicum. The shrimp was perfectly crunchy and well cooked, although found the shrimp a little sparse. The sauce was a winner in my books, the chili was mild and blended perfectly with the meal.

IMG_0414You could taste the freshness of the meal and tasted like there was hardly any oil used. It tasted like a home cooked meal made with love. The meal was hearty, filling and nutritious and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also ordered the Egg Noodles, mixed with spring onion cabbage and carrot beef strips, shitake mushroom, capsicum and spinach. The beef strips stood out for me as well flavored and well charred.


The overall flavor of the dish was good, however, there was a slight aftertaste of an oyster sauce that I tasted I could be wrong. Again the meal tasted nutritious and wholesome and the garlic black pepper sauce absolutely delicious.
The food arrived in little Chinese takeaway boxes, which at first appear rather small but the portion is large enough to easily feed two. They also provide chopsticks, soy sauce and a chilli sauce as condiment. So definitely value for money. I find the prices quite reasonable.
Overall nutritious, home cooked style meal that will leave you satisfied without the guilt of consuming too many calories. The food is healthy tasty and retains goodness. The restaurant situated in Marina has limited seating capacity however is great for take away and delivery options. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a wholesome dose of healthy food. Excellent concept and I trust that you will do well.

Thank you for the awesome wok you sent me…

I look forward to wokking and calling in for a delivery real soon.


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