Simple pleasures at Tashas

Visiting Tasha’s in Dubai transported me back to South Africa where I originally experienced this franchise. a28a4464210dc412e334bc2c8642a842_1432128289

The wonderful thing  about Tasha’s is that its quite sophisticated and luxurious in style yet totally unpretentious.  Such a warm and inviting environment.Not only is it cosmopolitan spacious and chic, there’s is always a constant energy about this place. They have a nice waiting area with couches and magazines while you wait for a seat. If its full, the maximum wait is about 20 minutes, not so bad considering its totally worth it.

I went to Tasha’s on a Friday evening around dinner time, so people were trickling in and by 8pm it was pretty full and alive.I don’t like a lot variety in a menu, as, I tend to get confused by all the options. Tasha’s offers too many options, which is a really good thing for those who like trying different things.Tasha’s is a non alcoholic establishment. Sadly! Lo,l so I had to pick the closest thing to a cocktail. A mock tail that is 🙂 I had the Pimms Cocktail.


A light and refreshing mock tail made from cucumber, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry, ginger ale and lime. I loved how the fruit infused flavours came through nicely and the bits of fresh fruit in the drink. I loved it so much I had two glasses.  My friends had the Tasha’s Cosmo and I think a Pina Colada. I am genuinely not a mocktail person but I found their drinks liquid deliciousness.


To the meat of the review no pun intended. My friend had the steak tagliata which came with grilled veggies and salad. Found the steak perfectly tender moist and well done.  The onion rings were so tasty, slightly oily because they are friend but a must try.


My other friend had the most scrumptious meal of all. I was possessed by deep food envy. For some reason this dish is not on their menu, Its their infamous creamy chicken mushroom pie. The pastry is served separately and the sauce comes in a little poitjie pan and is poured over the pastry. This was the most decadent creamiest sauce I have tasted. It was the perfect dish. It is a bit heavy if you are they type that’s watching your diet. But Its a must try. Simply wonderful news to your tastebuds!


I ordered the Grilled Salmon and the grilled vegetables. My dish paled in comparison to the divinity I just described above. Although the salmon was fresh and perfectly succulent. The veggies were a bit dry though but still delicious.


I had a choccoalcinno after my meal. Its espresso and hot chocolate with milk froth. Really interesting flavor and mix. My taste buds may have been slightly confused as to whether I was drinking coffee or hot chocolate.  I had no space left for desert sadly but took pictures of the variety of desserts they had to offer.


I really enjoyed the food experience here. The ambience is so beautiful and only enhances the experience. We had the nicest  knowledgeable waitress, her name was Sbo if I recall correctly. She was such a sweetypie. I found the customer service efficient and highly attentive. I loved my experience here.

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