Fillipino Food Fix at Bulwagang (Dubai)

I’ve come to love Filipino food because of the different culinary Asian, Malay and Spanish influences that characterize this cuisine.  I discovered a hole in the wall in Karama that serves delicious hearty scrumptious Fillipino food that’s super value for money. This is a place you would not give a second glance solely because of its awkward location squeezed in the corner in the bustling fashion district of Karama. Its really easy to miss.


Walking in felt like a simple dining room adorned the most basic table chairs and red checked table cloths you would expect to find at an Italian eatery.




The waitresses and staff have a genuine smile and are more than happy and were patient to explain names of the dishes on the menu which happened to be in Tagalog. We needed all the help we could get.


We came ravenous sand ordered a few things.

For starters we opted for safe choices, we ordered the fried chicken wings which were traditional deep fried and crispy homemade chicken wings that reminded me of my mamas fried chicken.


We also ordered the  lumpiang shanghai (beef spring rolls), the layers of which were so thin and soft layered with vegetables and chopped beef, such a tasty springroll. I am not a spring roll fan only because I find them unbearably greasy but this was not the case.


For mains we ordered the trusted favorite Chicken Sisig  which consisted of finely chopped chicken, onions, gapsicum, garlic, seasoning, all fried in a sizzling skillet with a raw egg in the middle. Don’t fret if you like your eggs hard and well done, the heat from the skillet is enough to cook your egg in no time. You can scramble it to create a delicious mix of this savory  delight. You have to try the Chicken Sisig and garlic rice (Sinangag) . Its simplicity makes it such a sophisticated infusion swirl in your mouth as capsicum and garlic flavorings create a bang.



We ordered the tortang talong ( egg, eggplant and chicken with onions peppers cooked similar to an  omelet). I found it a tad slimy and mushy at first but after my second bite I was hooked, its filling and so flavorful.


By this point I was so stuffed I couldn’t possibly have space for the delicious cakes that were eyeing me from the fridge. I had to resist but I will definitely be coming back for more. To be honest my eyes were roaming greedily at all the plates that came sizzling out from the kitchen. Everyone’s dish seemed more delicious than ours. I cant wait to go back and sample more of their  appealing dishes.

I washed down the delicious meal with a nice cuppa tea that provided the sugar I needed.


We paid less than 100AED for our entire meal and starters. It was real value for money. Clean and neat restaurant with genuinely nice staff. Thank you for a pleasant Filipino food fix experience.
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