More than just salads at Saladicious in Jumeriah (Dubai)

First of all don’t let the name fool you. They have way more than salad on their menu.Hidden in the nooks and crannies of Jumeria, I would not have found this place on my own. My friend had been here a couple of times and suggested it for breakfast. Slightly inconspicuous and unimpressive only from the outside, 1

however, it’s totally fascinating story inside. The décor is very modern and has a very artsy creative funky vibe to it.6f474f8697a0e30b8a09421cc944fea9_1433591344b91f4a81015bb30d28c13b1d68f19cdb_14335913718252536895a4b6e7a41d2d338e9f0075_1433591855

I loved the abstract pieces on the wall and absolutely comfy looking sofa I want to try the next time I come. Too bad it was occupied. I loved the unpretentious relaxed feel of the place.


We sat in the outside seating area, luckily, they had the transparent canopy down, otherwise we would be dying in the Dubai heat.

The complimentary bread was warm and freshly baked. It was accompanied by various jams and marmalades. The bread was soft and really melt in your mouth delicious.They offered margarine instead of butter, which was rather disappointing.




The food:

To eat I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Salmon. Not  being a huge fan of Eggs Benedict, I was converted when I experienced a buttery, tangy lemon tinge melt sweetly in my mouth. It wasn’t overpowering, which is what puts me off this dish. I loved it. The salmon was fresh and created a perfect pairing.   My meal included coffee and a glass of either orange or
grapefruit juice.




My friend ordered the Omelet with cheese, green peppers and bits of beef ham. It was pretty delicious and flavorful, a bit dry though.


My other friend had the scrambled eggs with salmon, a bit mushy but the salmon infusion gives the dish such a succulent character.


Another friend had the pancake with Nutella and banana slices. Without saying, anything with Nutella is a winning dish. It was scrumptious.Really rich and decadent sinful chocolate treat so early in the morning. Nothing like a sugar high!

The savory meals came with hash browns.

The best part about rating food is that you have a legitimate excuse to pick on all your friends plates. The best part is the prices are super reasonable. Around 50AED for a breakfast option. I will definitely be back for their lunch and
dinner options-the menu looks tempting.

The service was a tad slow, which I found strange because it wasn’t that busy. That’s the one area of improvement I
can think of. Oh and the service buzzer on our table wasn’t working, we kept pressing it but no one came lol. Overall lovely place to be recommend.


Thank you for a lovely brekkie experience!
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