Cavalli Cafe Dubai…haute couture but for food

Many know Roberto Cavalli as the fashion designer who made his mark in the world of fashion with his bold and daring designs. Aside from his fashion empire, he has introduced restaurant concept. I hadn’t had the opportunity to eat here before so I was delighted at Zomato’s invite for our foodie meeting. I must confess, I had slight misconceptions about the restaurant. I thought it would be pretentious but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a very beautiful, sophisticated and maintains a cozy flair about it. I  loved how the décor screamed Cavalli. Some of the furniture adorned with bold animal print –typically eccentric of Cavalli. Pictures of Cavalli with celebrities could be spotted on the walls. The ambience was classy but not stuck up. The staff was extremely professional and attentive and had a superb knowledge of the menu. 12

Enough ramblings let me get to the meat of the review (No pun intended). For the amuse-bouche we had the pappa al pomodoro, this is a is a thick fresh tomato soup with a little crouton. It was served cold. I loved it, simply delicious with a tinge of pepper.
For Appetizers we were served quite the selection. There was a mix of Affettato Misto, which are basically cold meats of beef lamb and duck. I found the beef so tasty fresh and bursting with a smoky char grilled aftertaste. 3

Simply divine. We also had the Burrata. My oh my, I think I may have found love. Boy oh Boy this Burrata rocked my taste buds. Burrata is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, the outer layer is thicker and the centre filled and oozing with the most creamiest goodness I have ever had. Super fresh, smooth and milky. It is a must try. The Manager explained that it is flown in straight from Italy every 2 days. Guaranteed freshness right there.


We also got served the Gamberetii in Salsa Verde, which is the crispy shrimp in salsa verde aioli (a sauce of garlic oil and other seasonings). I found it plenty tasty, however the coating was quite thick. I am not a fan of coating so that was a bit of a letdown for me. I loved the shrimp though, cooked just right. There was also the Barbabietola Con Labneh, in English, balsamic marinated red and golden beetroot with toasted hazelnut labneh. Well honestly, a had a wee bite of it and I am not a beetroot fan but it was good.

For Middle course I ordered the Fregola All’aragota, Fregola is a type of pasta (little pasta balls similar to couscous). I found the fregola a tad chewy and rubbery, however, the fusion with the lobster created a beautiful balanced dish. I cannot stress how full I was and we hadn’t gotten to the mains yet, let alone dessert.


For main I chose the Filetto Di Salmone, which is a pan fried salmon fillet with a tomato concasse (roughly chopped onions and tomato), capers, sampire and citrus glaze. Thank goodness it was a light meal, I mustered up the courage to eat ¾ of my salmon and concasse. The concasse reminded me of a dish my mom used to make so that was a nice nostalgic moment for me. I need to express how deliciously tender moist and succulent the salmon was. They cooked it just perfectly.

And then finally dessert. By this point I am in need of a wheelbarrow to carry me out because I was so full. But alas, there’s always a little extra storage space somewhere. They brought out a spread of desserts, molten lava cake, brownie, pistachio ice cream, tiramisu; I think there was some polenta dessert somewhere in there. I really was too full to notice lol, I really enjoyed the tiramisu. Divinely tasty not mushy, perfect balance. The molton lava cake oozed the richest decadent chocolate I have yet tasted. I was super impressed.


The presntation of all the dishes was impeccable. For drinks I had the Virgin Caipirinha, made with pineapple limejuice a tinge of ginger, I found it delicious and so refreshing. I also had the Red Sand which wasn’t as delicious as it looked, it was made of Strawberry, guava, watermelon and also a tinge of ginger, however found it bland as it lacked a bit of a kick.



One thing I took away from the lunch is a happy tummy and enriched Italian vocabulary.  And to the Cavalli Team well done, keep up the brilliant work. Compliments to the Chef it was simply Delizioso!! Grazie!!Cavalli Caffè Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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