Munich…short but too sweet..

You’re given 24 hours in a city what do you do? Munich is a beautiful city and 24 hours just does not do it justice.

This is what we did.

Mikes Bikes

If you want a high level overview of the city on a guided bike tour Mikes Bikes is for you. Just a friendly warning-go easy on the beer at the pit stops or else you may struggle finding your way home. The tours are led by the funniest and liveliest guides I have ever met. I definitely recommend them for the fact that they make the tour an entertaining and memorable experience. They are also  highly  knowledgeable and always ready to lend a helping hand . Mikes Bikes Tours have given city tours a whole meaning for me.


We rode and stopped at a few monuments, such as  the Hofbrahaus which is one of the largest central drinking halls situated on Marienplatz.131209-lampada-hofbraeuhaus-muenchen-2 20150703_17434320150703_174232

As we all know Munich is home to the world renowned Oktoberfest. As a recent beer convert I was really excited at trying out the different brews. What I enjoyed about Munich was the fusion between traditional and modern day lifestyle. Found it fascinating how everyone is so tall and beautiful oh and blonde!


Since I am a lover of all things books I was pleasantly surprised at discovering an open air library in Odeonsplatz Square.   The building with the large arched pillars is the Feldherrnhalle, which is a monument honoring the Bavarian Army.  Under its shadows there were chairs and bean bags laid out where books could be checked out and read.  Teenagers were hanging out with their friends, and everyone seemed relaxed.  What an amazing concept! I would literally live there.IMG_5252


The English gardens which happens to be one of the largest in the world were beautifully breathtaking. I loved the Zen and tranquility they provided. It was a Sunday so naturally people were lazing around enjoying the rays of sunshine. The place was full of sunbathers and picnickers. I felt overwhelmingly happy here. english-garden

Our guide led us down along the River Isar. The River is used for swimming, sunbathing, rafting and even surfing. IMG-20150524-WA0026

canal-english-garden1It’s quite an entertaining place I must say I was amused. I loved it. Our crazy guide spontaneously told us we could jump into the River. Now mind you we had no swimwear with us so you could swim in the nude or in our knickers. I opted for the knickers. Jumping in was exhilarating and so much fun. The water currents were quite strong even for a good swimmer so beware. It’s unforgettably fun! Yolo I say Yolo!20150703_191845

So after dipping in the River- twice,we rode our bikes to have dinner at the Chinesischer Turm beer garden which came about in the early 19th century. 20150703_205408This was a highlight for me. The beer garden was packed to the rafters. With a mixed crowd, families, the young crowd and many tourists. This is an amazing place to just chill with great company and enjoy Germany’s celebrated brews.

Not only was the beer amazing but the food was out of this world. I had the pork knuckle with mash potatoes.20150703_201342


If I go back it has to be just for the food. Munich is gorgeous and I feel I need to do it justice by enjoying it properly next time. We rode back after the heavy meal, slightly tipsy from the beer but steady on the bike. We went back to the Hofbrauhaus to continue the drinking festivities till 11:30pm. The Germans are strict about timing.Contrary to popular belief, the German people are friendly accommodating and inviting.131209-lampada-hofbraeuhaus-muenchen-2  We moved on to the next beer hall to continue.. Munich you are wonderful.20150703_224926

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