Y’all want some Chicken and Waffles? I know a place (Clinton Street Bakery Dubai)

Dubai is a huge melting pot of over 200 nationalities. Yup 200. This means hundreds of dining options, which is great if you have curious taste buds. Finding some Southern hospitality right in the heart of the desert wouldn’t be so far etched after all. A friend recommended Clinton Street Bakery and swore by their Fried Chicken and Waffles. So my curiosity got a hold of me and I ventured out to try it.  The restaurant is found in the Downtown district of Dubai.

Like a swarm of bees, the breakfast crowd had already started bustling for 10 am on a Saturday morning. Modestly decorated and clean lined up table and chairs, it reminded me of cafeteria albeit a classy one if there is such a thing. Simplicity is after all, the ultimate sophistication.

The waiters were was very knowledgeable about the menu items and proffered recommendations. I am glad Chicken and Waffles topped his list.


Much of what I know about this unlikely combination of Waffles and Chicken comes from watching American television. This dish is known to have originated in the city of Baltimore, Maryland and has been popularized by media into a well-known dish. The waffles are usually served with condiments of either butter or syrup and the chicken is usually fried and served with peaches and cream. I had saved my appetite for this quirky food experience and was ravenous for some of this good ol’ soul food.


The waffle served at Clinton Street is vanilla buttermilk flavored with honey and Tabasco, served with a side of maple butter.  Even without the maple butter, the waffles taste glorious. Of course the maple butter give it an extra richness and decadent flavor.

The fried chicken was perfect, crispy and soft and tender, with no traces of being deep fried.  This delectable blending of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy is surprisingly magical. It might sound like a strange combination to many but try it before you write it off your list. This unlikely creative pairing is sure to delight you. I relished and ravished each piece with glee. The portion is quite filling so come hungry.


I had a giant cappuccino to wash it down with. Very subtle and not too strong which I liked.


My friend had the Spanish Scramble which was scrambled eggs with beef chorizo (I rather liked the chorizo and wished there was more of it-found it very sparse). I loved the taste of the caramelized onions flavour that came through eggs. I enjoyed it although I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs.

Overall amazing food. A bit on the pricey side but really worth it. Thank you for a great experience!

Would I recommend this place? A resounding  “Oh heck yeah!”

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