Smiling BKK left me smiling for days! Thai Food in Dubai!

They say treasures need to be found. This rings true for this hidden hole in the wall gem. Smiling BKK is a Thai restaurant that has won a special place in my foodie heart and my tummy.  You might miss the restaurant as it is quite inconspicuous because of the calligraphy, patterns and art splashed across the entire face of the front entrance. We went to the Garhoud branch. I visited the Al Safa Branch too but prefer the Garhoud one. 15

I felt all giddy and full of glee at the site of the artsy fartsy space inside, huge paintings adorn the black walls, the lighting quite dim but perfectly creates a rather relaxed mood.

For some it might smack of dodgy but to me it was beautiful. relaxing tunes in the background creating fusion of the perfect ambiance. This place is adorable.


The menus came in the form of a massive A3 size with pages and pages of options. One thing I absolutely found amusing and brilliant were the creative names of the various dishes. Names such as “Billy Jean is not my Lover” and “Another one bites the Dust”  “Wax on and Wax Off”. Very funky and uber unique and original! To the food:

To drink we had an orange juice, deliciously fresh squeezed goodness.


For starters we ordered “Walking down Kao San Road” which is beef in a very chili sauce accompanied with bells peppers and spring onions. The chilly was super spicy but the flavor of the food still came through. I absolutely loved it my mouth was on fire but in a good way. 11

We also had the “Awesome Satay” -chicken sticks with a delicious peanut butter sauce. Deliciousness!18

By this time we were starting to get  full so opted to share a main dish. We had the “Babe in the City” -fried rice made with shrimp paste served with marinated chicken chilli, green mango and an egg on top. 16I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of the shrimp rice at first, but got used to it after a few mouthfuls. The sauce in the chicken was so tasty, that coupled with the green mango created an interesting sweetish sour taste. Really flavorsome.

There are little pompom like devices with little bells attached that you apparently use to summon the waiter. I only discovered this at the end of the meal so unfortunately I couldn’t go trigger happy with that. Next time for sure. We sadly had no space left for dessert. Which is very unfortunate, there were some really good options on the menu. The prices are so reasonable. The staff is uber friendly and checked up on us frequently. What a delightful delicious experience!

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