29 thoughts..things I know for sure

I usually don’t know the answers to a lot of life’s questions and quandaries but there are some things I have learnt in my many many years on this beautiful earth. Many of my 29 years alive have been happy, sprinkled with sad and hurt but through all the good and the bad there’s always a lesson…If Oprah had to ask me what I knew for sure..it would be ..

1. God is the center of my life, No matter how far I run or get lead astray by my flesh and desires, He is the center that holds my life together, All things lead back to Him. I am so grateful for the honor of having a God that pursues me relentlessly.

2. Gods perfect love casts out fear. This is one of my favourite scriptures 1 John 4:18 I have this tattoed on my arm to remind me of His love. (I know I could have just memorized it right? haha) But its very symbolical and meaningful to me. Its only recently I have come to appreciate what this means. When you realize you are truly LOVED. There is no room to fear anything. I struggled alot with fear in my life, I’m getting to that point where I rely fully on His love.

3. Step out be BRAVE. The things that you fear and dread the most are the very things that you must do. Only you know those things, step out of your shell and go for the things you want in your life.

4. Comfort zones are the enemy. These will only lead to being stuck in a rut. Magic happens out of your comfort zone.

5. Speak up for yourself. No one will stand up for you if you dont. If you want something SAY it.

6. Self love is fundamental. The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Nurture it. Love you and everything about you, your quirks, uniqueness and beauty. The world can really be a harsh place and you need to know that you are valuable, loved and worthy.

7. Confidence is key. Even if you are a scared mess inside if you can feign confidence you are good to go. People gravitate towards confident people.

8. Your thoughts are crucial. Watch and guard them, if uncontrolled can be detrimental. I am still trying to conrol the thoughts I have. Thoughts are powerful in triggering all sorts of emotions and reactions, which often may be negative. We have to win the battle of the negative thoughts in our heads.

9. Words are as crucial. Words have an ability to create. Just as God spoke creation into being, so do our words. We can create our worlds through words. Always speak good over yourself and others.

10. Heartbreak is bitter-sweet but more than anything, theres always a lesson to be learnt from  heart break, choose to see both the good and the bad and remember them for future relationships.

11. Letting go is hard but neccessary. We like being in control but sometimes we need to let the things that hurt us go so we can make room for better. Holding on hurts more than letting go does. Lesson I have learnt countless of times but feels fresh each time it happens.

12. If someone wants you in their life nothing will stop them. I have made countless excuses for people but I realized people choose to be in your life and they will stay if they want to. If not you gotta let them go.

13. Apologizing even when you are not wrong doesnt make you weak, it just means you really value the relationship.

14. Holding onto grudges and unforgiveness only does you harm, you end up suffering. Just steer clear from the unforgiveness thing, its really messy and unneccesary.

15. Communicate your heart. I am very expressive and when I hurt or am joyful I want to express it. I learnt to express my heart and say exactly how I feel without playing silly mind games.

16. Picking battles. I dont have to pick bones with everyone about everything. Growing up comes with the wisdom of discernment between the things that really matter. Some things just arent worth fighting about.

17. Always tell those you love how much you love them and appreciate them

18. People respond to appreciation more than they do to criticism. Always bear in mind that words are crucial so always weigh them carefully. Words once uttered are hard to take back-make them sweet but true. Dont sugarcoat but be gentle with people.

19. Be interested. With people especially, they love talking about themselves. Ask ask ask people about themselves and be a good listener.

20. Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world.

21. Giving of your money time gifts talents and of yourself is pricessless. We are filled to be poured out for others. Keep giving and do it with an open heart.

22. Comparing myself to others brings discontentment. Its a trap , be content with where you are. We all have our different journeys and they are not pathed the same.

23.Travel is fatal to prejudice bigotry and narrow mindedness. Travelling has opened my eyes and has broadened my thinking.

24. Don’t hang out with time wasters. I’ve had my fair share of hanging out with people who have no value add in my life but just drain me all the time. Don’t get me wrong I love hanging out with all sorts but people who are toxic are no good for you. Throw them out.

25. No regrets.  Live your life so that when you look back youll smile and say I regret nothing

26. Thankfulness attracts bounty, when we are thankful, God just overflows in our lives. Never stop couning them blessings one by one, no matter how small you may think they are. Especially when you are low just be thankful, you’ll feel loads better.

27. Dont ever stop dreaming. But also make sure you wake up to make those dreams come true 🙂

28. Never take yourself too serious, laugh at yourself and always strive to make yourself happy. Your happiness is not  someone else’s job description. . No relationship can take up that role. Its all you Baby

29. Its never too late to change. If there’s something in your life you don’t like, then only YOU have the power to change it, change you attitude, consciously change your thoughts..

Much love and many blessings


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