Between wanderlust

So if you have stumbled upon my blog and are wondering why I am posting on “other” issues other than travel, the simple answer is that I am in between trips so I don’t wanna pass on the opportunity of still being active on this blog. So I decided I will still post about my ramblings and  thoughts and imaginations. I’m trying to plan my next holiday to incredible India 🙂 well Goa to be precise, its a beach holiday which I am so stoked about. It starts in 6 weeks time. I have 6 weeks to get my body in tip top form by getting my eating right. I managed to accumulate 4 kgs of now unwanted kilograms  from all my holiday feastings (which I do not regret at all). I mean what’s the point of going on holiday if you cant indulge insensibly? Just kidding- all things in moderation 🙂 So back to the point of this post, please  bear with me while I rant or rave about things on my heart, mind and even my tummy while. I love my food with a passion.:) If you have any weight loss tips or secrete tummy natural remedies please holler at your girl.

Much love

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