The pen that sets me free

When I write I’m free, from the chains and fetters that bind and constrain me
When I write I’m free, I find expression in another dimension
When I write my incoherent ramblings find articulate meaning
Perfect perception, no corrections, I’m free, sophisticated grammar has no hold over me

When I write I’m bare soul exposed, filled to be emptied again
When I write I’m free, psychosomatic chains of elations inhabit my being
When I write my soul she’s liberated from the entanglements of temporal emotions…There’s no commotion…just peace

When I write, my world fills with sunshine, unicorns, rainbows, blue skies, new dawns that inspire new revelations of joy
When I write me, myself and I we are free

I’m invigorated, spirit rejuvenated, brought to life, uninhibited brave free, Limitless, infallible, fearless free
See when I speak, words tend to betray me and my intentions misconstrued
Trapped murmurs in my chest I become speechless

When I write, you can read between the lines, the apparent blurred lines
When I write I’m free because I know you hear me and listen to the echoes of my heart
No room for misinterpretation, mixed signals

When I write, it’s not in vain you can feel it all even my pain
When I write, you get me, unseen connections in the spiritual
When I write I feel like I’m flying in reckless abandon, freefalling with no harness,

When I write I’m free, the words of my soul meticulously expressed
When I write I’m free, Let me be me

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