Musings about my Afro

For years she was a well-kept secret.

Concealed, taught her place. No one saw her face.

Rumors of her here and there

Her presence to some a troublesome affair.

Her existence never truly acknowledged nor celebrated.

Lying dormant under layers of prejudice and systematic bias.

Maybe hiding her was best. Trying to compete with the world’s standard of what beauty is-an impossible quest. But in my wonderings I realized,

I must not perpetuate and acquiesce to this unreasonable beauty yardstick.

These layers of ignorance are to be removed brick by brick.

But who knew…

That my crowning glory would cause such a stir an upset

That the kink of my curls cause many to fret.

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

But who gave you carte blanche to dictate how I should or should not wear it?

Tell me how it should sit.

Indirectly telling me that my hair is a social misfit

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

No! I will not submit to your uninformed ignorant ramblings, like…

I really like it when it’s neat.

By neat you really mean straight. Don’t blame me for being irate.

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

Randomly touching my hair is an intrusion

It’s not ok, don’t be under any illusion

When they say it’s unprofessional, I wonder

Since when is hair connected to competence?

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

Why, why should I succumb to skewed notions in the media? That seldom depict my hair, as if its taboo.

The US Navy banning dreadlocks, cornrows and twists.

Dumbstruck that this kind of thinking not only exists but persists.

Why would they attack a hereditary trait, straight up discriminate on something we have no control over?

And no one gives a damn not a care. What’s the fuss they say just control your hair.

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

Fighting chemical warfare but perpetuating ammonium relaxer wars on our scalps. So we can conform to the norm and raise no alarm bells. Straight hair is beautiful that’s what sells. But I, I will continue to silently protest.

Long straight luscious silky sleek straight hair. That’s the de facto standard. But it needs major deconstruction. My silent mission I have begun.

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

I will resist and fight the pressure to numb my natural coils to appease your opinion

I won’t don a Peruvian Indian or Brazilian.

I will not relax my hair. It’s not stressed out

I will disturb the status quo

I will continue to parade my beautiful fro

Yes stop and stare. Maybe you’ll begin to understand, be more aware.

See you need to acclimatize, get used to it. Revel and embrace its deep waves and curly coils, luscious rich thick texture.

Minds need to be decolonized

Society perspective changed. People need to realize, that this hair, it’s a carrier of culture, heritage my identity. Unique, innate in its black beauty. In time minds will change and soon enough you too will agree.

While I wait for minds to change. I will peacefully resist

No longer will she be hidden, she has committed no crime, no abomination.

A new way shall be established

But I, I will continue to silently protest.

Nothing hidden shall remain uncovered says the Good Book. Time for revelation, for her essence to be made known.


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