The makings of lemonade

Alot of what happens in life is really sucky!! Lemons are thrown at us and our expected response is to make lemonade right? How on earth do we do that when life has dealt us a really bad hand? Hmm just how? These lemons could be the loss of someone dear, a depressing work situation, a painful break up (ahem) , social demands, money or health issues,(insert your woes here haha). I was going through a couple of personal issues recently and fell into the trap of letting those trying issues control my attitude and outlook on life. Everything just seemed so jaded, so black, white and dullishly grey. It is so easy to say joy is a choice but when the odds are stacked against you trust those words don’t mean a thing…

SADNESSThe scary thing is seemingly thin line between that whirlwind of confusion, uncontrollable emotions, despair rolled into one (a state I like to call a kafafal) lol and normalcy. That line that separates is this thing called hope. Coincidentally at church, the pastor started a new series on hope, (yay lifeline thrown at a sister). This really lifted my spirits up dramatically and I began to see things in a brighter positive light. It’s almost like getting a pair of eyes. Rough patches really do blind you to the slices of hope in life. Over the next couple of weeks, I felt a surge of joy fill me up because of that hope; God reminded me that true joy is not derived from material things, happenings or circumstances, that is what happiness is. Joy is not flighty or airy-fairy, joy is constant, stable, like a friend you can always count on. When this revelation came I realized I have a choice to intentionally be joyful…This is not a EUREKA moment, I have always known this, but always seem to forget it when the kafafal comes.

 I realize that sometimes we plan our lives and expect things to go exactly as we intended but this seldom happens if ever. Curveballs are the order of the day at and when it rains it can pour cats and dogs. It doesn’t help that we live in a world of instant gratification so naturally when we don’t get what we want when we want it we throw our toys out the cot. Sometimes going through a storm you just want to bypass the messiness and return to normal but you have to go through the process but in the process my very wise words would be hold on to hope…and when hope comes, she brings her cousins joy, love, peace laughter and all those warm fuzzy things that fill our hearts.silver-lining-elma-green

Lessons learnt: Lesson #1 There will lemons and they will be thrown at you from every direction (not being pessimistic just realistic) Lesson #2 We choose to let our kafafal consume us and everything we do (Im seriously hoping you choose to be hopeful) Lesson #3 Choosing hope/ joy is an intentional thing that we must continuously do. Lesson #4 Liberation comes when we get to a place where we know it hurts to let go but hurts more to hold on (one of my major life lessons learnt) Lesson #5 Not to forget these lessons the next time a lemon hits me in the face.bejoyfulsummer_lemonade


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