Friday Garden Brunch

Friday Garden Brunch

Close your eyes for a second and picture the scene, the sea swishing, the sun shining on your skin, a gentle wind blowing and aromatic smells filling the air, melodies in the background, this is pretty much how amazing the Garden brunch set up was. I loved the simple casual style of the brunch that gives a very chilled out relaxed holiday vibe. The ambiance is spectacular-trust me you will not want to leave this place.

The brunch offers a variety of continental foods as well as ethnic flavors such as Arabic, Italian, Indian BBQ and Chinese live cooking stations.

The salad bars was one of my favorite (this is not something you hear me say too often) the shrimp cocktails were amazing, I could literally eat them all day.

The cocktails on offer were delicious and refreshing.


The dessert counter will leave you in a state of bliss…

The brunch is held on Fridays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm It is very reasonably priced at  AED 185 for the Brunch, AED 250 for the Beach and Brunch and  AED 290Brunch & Selected Beverages.

Totally enjoyed my experience here.

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Divine Divan

Divine Divan

Life is like a box of chocolates I could eat all day…like seriously! I love all things chocolate so visiting Divan for their opening was absolute bliss for me. Chocolate to me is akin to breathing…ok maybe I am exaggerating but you get my drift-Chocolate is life to me.

My eyes were immediately captivated by the chocolate on tap, how could this be?img_9328

img_9327Its like I had gone to chocolate heaven.

The patisserie was established in Turkey is the 1950’s and has built its reputation as one of the leading makers of luxury chocolates and cakes. Divan prides itself in the matchless quality of its sweets and this I simply cannot deny. From the macaroons to the dark chocolate tarts to the baklawas to the turkish delights, every single desert smacked of delicious and pure quality. img_9318

img_9333 And the turkish tea did wonders to wash it all down

My waistline has other things to say but this place is one of those that are all worth it. Chocolate is always the answer!
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Eggsiting things at Raju Omelette?

Eggsiting things at Raju Omelette?

Super cheesy blog title that I absolutely couldn’t help. I have heard only amazing things about Raju Omelette and have tried on countless occasions to go and try it out in Karama but always left because it was always packed to the rafters. I was so glad to have found this branch in Al Qouz.

The chic vintage decor is done well creating a very artsy colorful happy vibe, its also very spacious too. Absolutely loved the decor!

We had their delicious freshly brewed coffee which gave me just the caffeine boost I needed, loved every bit of its creaminess!img_9108

To order we had the cheese masala omelette which was ok, I found the cheese bland though. The Pahadi chicken egg roll was definitely my favorite-the spinach and mint infusion in the chicken egg roll was absolutely scrumptious. I found the portions generous and very filling! We also had plain parathas which were absolutely tasty and fresh. img_9109

img_9111Would definitely go back to try their other menu items. Raju Omelette offers great value for money for delicious food. The service was honestly less than perfect, with the waiters being a bit nonchalant and unavailable mostly- didn’t leave a great impression on me.



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Prax’s easy peasy yummy boxes

Prax’s easy peasy yummy boxes

Off I went to check out Prax’s on a lazy Saturday afternoon in Barsha Heights. Situated in the Rise Tower, its pretty easy to find. The restaurant is easy to find not only because of its location but the lovely bright colors splashed across the backdrop of the walls. The restaurant, although open is quite cosy with comfortable chairs and booth seating.

We met the Manager, Mr Andre, who gave us an overview of the restaurant concept. He explained that Prax is a fusion of Asian cuisine and is not strictly Chinese or Thai…in a sense it really is out of the box flavours, borrowing from various pun intended!

The ordering concept is so easy that even  my five year old neice could master it. You get a slip in which you basically tick off what you want your dish to comprise of…super duper easy and if you are still lazy to do that, they offer set menu dishes. It works as follows.

1. Choose your base, noodles rice or veggies

2. Choose your protein, tofu chicken beef or prawn, then

3. Choose your sauce. and then your toppings..see easy peasy!!


So off we went and I ordered a masterpiece of a dish, I had the noodles, beef,with black pepper sauce and eggplant, peppers, broccoli and cashews. I tell you hands down one of the best “Asian” dishes I have had.

img_9910Plus its almost as if I cooked it myself, well kinda! Loved it. My fried ordered the noodles with prawns and kimchi and some veggies. It was good but not as good as mine lol.img_9915

Before I forget, we also got the following starters:

Peking duck spring rolls which were juicy and so tasty! Duck can get a little dry but this was perfect! Loved itimg_9903

We also had the Chicken Siu Mai Dimsum. Delicious and oozing flavour. The prawn dimsum was  simply great! One issue I found was that the dimsum were quite tiny! With  starters that good, they should be a little chunkier.

Onto the sweet things in life -We had the coconut ginger ad date and caramel desserts! By far the date and caramel blew not only my mind but my tastebuds too, the ginger coconut I wasn’t entirely crazy about!img_9922


Overall I think this place is fantastic value for money, great quality ingredients, great staff coupled with an amazing Manager- all of this makes  a happy eating experience! We thoroughly enjoyed it!! Yes I will definitely be ordering from them again..muchly recommended!





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Post Holiday Depression things

Post Holiday Depression things

Hi Lovelies

I went to Pattaya this past week for a short but very sweet vacation filled with alot of sun, sand and sea with my Lomli. Time was so elusive and in a jiffy I was back to reality. Despite our brief sojourn, I  found we spent just the right amount of time to see the highlight reels of what this city has to offer-needless to say it short and very sweet. Post holiday depression is currently in full swing, however I think i will be cured shortly after re-living all the time we spent there…write ups loading in a bit while I try stabilizing my brain into work mode…getting there!

How I miss this view!



Peace love and Happiness!! What are your next vacation plans friends?img_1120


Restaurant etiquette – be nice to your waiters!

Restaurant etiquette – be nice to your waiters!

Trying out new restaurants is something I do quite frequently as a foodie and it brings me absolute joy, especially when the entire experience culminates into a wonderful one, food, atmosphere, and service-all of it. However nothing ruins a dining experience like being in the midst of people who are rude to waiters. There’s an unwritten rule, that the way you treat restaurant staff reveals your true character. Could it be true, well it all depends, you could be rude because the waiter is being impolite but being rude on any other occasion, is unacceptable and makes my blood boil.

Waiters are people too, they have names, they have families they work long hours and are expected to have a smile for the entire duration of their shift, running around taking orders, making sure everyone is happy and customers leave satisfied. The least you could do is be nice and make them feel like they too matter. Here’s  a list of the little that things have made most of my dining experience pleasant.

  1. Remember their names, look for their name badges and address them using their names throughout. The sweetest sound in the world is hearing ones name. In an industry where people see you as just the help and invisible, this can make a huge difference in someone’s day.
  2. Say please and thank you. Just because they are serving you doesn’t mean you can just command them to your whim. Trust me, they will respond to you better and will be more willing to serve you if you treat them with common courtesy. People need to stop being so entitled and snobby. It’s so basic yet so many people fail at this.
  3. Don’t snap your fingers or whistle at them, they are not dogs, be polite, put your hand up or ask a nearby staff to call them, it’s great if you remembered their name, it will save you the hassle of trying to describe them.
  4. Don’t be impatient and irritable, waiters usually double check to make sure they get orders right so if they do that don’t roll your eyes or make snide comments. Remember it gets docked off their pay if they get the wrong order.
  5. Leave a decent tip if you can and if you think the food was worth it and the service was great. It’s not rocket science that they don’t get paid much so be a little generous, it goes a long way. Some restaurants let their waiters keep their tips so be sure to be a little generous.


I get that there are some waiters that are grumpy and nonchalant, which I certainly don’t condone.  Dealing with people is part of your job so do it right please. Yes, waiters are people too and have bad days, which are made worse by inconsiderate and demanding customers. However being unprofessional or disinterested is a no no. I can’t imagine myself giving my boss sass at work. I’d get a mouthful, this case is no different. I am not shy when it comes to telling waiters to get their act together and you should after all, you are paying for the experience and you deserve good service.

Back to my point it all boils down to, common courtesy and respect for human beings. The way you treat people speaks volumes of you! The restaurant world is tough, being kind, not only to waiters but just generally everyone you meet is kind of basic. Treat people with respect, whoever they are, wherever you go, it will return to you. Kindness is the currency that everyone understands. If you are guilty of the above, its ok, we are humans and make mistakes too but try changing and see how your dining experiences change and how people will actually want to go the extra mile for you. Ok rant over- Happy Dining J




Kulfi is a very popular frozen dessert much like the beloved ice cream , just a bit denser, creamier and I guess more decadent. Kulfi originates from the Indian continent and comes in various flavours.

We came to Kulfilicious for a quick dessert and I got the chocolate raisin and cashew Kulfi. It was presented in cubed pieces oozing deliciousness. Found the texture quite creamy any very chewy, it felt a bit like fudge, the taste was amazing and could eat bowls and bowls of this goodness.bbb

And how could I forget the decor, I loved how they arranged the restaurant to give it that street edge, incorporating a tuk tuk, street signs and bicycle tables. Loved the atmosphere. Very upbeat and lively a place I could spend hours in.



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